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Of Course, You Can’t Believe A Thing The Senate Republicans Say | QandO

hey yelled, they screamed, they hopped up and down on one leg and told us how bad this 410 billion dollar spending bill was and how it was “business as usual’ (something they should certainly know about) that increased the spending level 8% and was full of 9,000 earmarks. And they condemned the Democrats and said they were spending the country into bankruptcy. They claimed that the best way to continue the spending was to keep it at this year’s level and that would save 250 billion dollars.

In the end, 8 Republican senators voted for the bill. That’s right, 8. Specter and Snowe were consistent – they’ve never seen an outlandish and wasteful, pork packed, deficit-funded spending bill they didn’t like.

Who else joined them? Why Mississippi Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker; Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby; Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander; Missouri Sen. Kit Bond and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The cloture vote passed handily even with three Democratic senators voting against it.

I was going to post something about this, but McQueen beat me to it. Yeah, just this morning some GOP Senators were flatly saying that Reid didn’t have the votes to pass it.

But we can always count on GOP Senators to stab the party, conservatives, and themselves in the back.

Be sure and check out the list of some of the more rancid items of pork. (via Bashir – thanks!)

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  1. I smell “Bridge To Nowhere” – which (and how many) of those 9,000 earmarks in this Porkulus Junior are aimed, directly (or, perhaps, somewhat indirectly) at Alaska, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama and/or (especially) Mississippi?

    When are the repblicans(sic) going to stand up for the principles they were elected to protect…

    “These idiots” somehow have convinced themselves that that is exactly what they’re doing…

    …I hope their constituents will remeber(sic) their treasonous actions come election time.

    Don’t count on it – except for Alaska, these are “po-folks” states; in general, they tend to take whatever their Congresscritters are able to carve out of Federal largesse to heart and wish it could be more. Alaska included, they tend to get the short, splintery end of the stick a lot, and are well aware of it. A lot of those “constituents” send Senators to D.C. specifically to “bring home the bacon” – and they reward the ones who do with their repeated votes.

    This isn’t (unfortunately) considered “treasonous” back home – just more good ol’ log-rollin’, backscratchin’ politickin’…

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