No, Mike, Wishful Thinking Won’t Make It So – But Bombs Might

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After years of refusing to see Iran’s aggressive intentions, most sensible observers of things Middle Eastern now recognize that the most important terrorist organizations, from Islamic Jihad to Hezbollah and Hamas, are essentially Iranian proxies.

Duh. As if we here at DP haven’t been noticing this rather obvious fact for years now – which makes GWB’s obsession with Iraq look even crazier in hindsight than it did when he started out with it.

Of course Ledeen has been predicting Iran’s imminent demise for almost as long as I’ve been calling for the destruction of the Mad Mullah’s regime, and he’s likely no more right now than he has been all along.

In fact, I’d say that Obama’s election guarantees the survival of the Iranian regime – not that George Bush was ever any threat to it either.

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No, Mike, Wishful Thinking Won’t Make It So – But Bombs Might — 6 Comments

  1. You never do know, with Democrats, what they might do to get re-elected. Obama’s already got the nutroots by the nuts, and his moves so far shows he knows it. Where else can they go? Nader? Gravel? LaRouche? Please.

    No, Obama needs to keep some of the center-right willing to vote for him in 2012, and that means triangulation. He may do war poorly, as WJC did in Bosnia and Somalia, but he may decide he needs to respond to some Iranian provocation – and provoke him, they will.

  2. In a way, Obama’s election may guarantee Iran’s destruction.

    Maybe, but not the way you think. Obama won’t impede Iran fielding nukes. If Iran does, and uses one on Tel Aviv, it will probably trigger Israel’s Samson option – which will result in the destruction of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and possibly some other locations.

  3. They can go the same place that the rightroots did this last election – home.

    I’d buy that if the situation were symmetrical, but it’s not. The rightroots has a strong individualist component, and is capable of becoming disgusted with politics. OTOH, the nutroots are mostly statists. They will not quit trying to control our lives and they cannot be nauseated by political corruption. They have to keep trying to seize the state and twist it to their ends – their programming demands it.

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