No More Dead Trees?

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The problem with the big automakers is that they have become gigantic loan companies trying to fund hundreds of thousands of retirement plans, with auto-making as a minor sideline.

The problem with legacy media newspapers is they have become gigantic paper mills trying to fund an obsolete delivery system (dead trees to your doorstep), with newsgathering as a minor sideline.

But what if they could fund their news operations from the web, and get rid of those mills, presses, drivers, and barrels of ink?

Jeff Jarvis says the LAT could maybe do that now.

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  1. AIUI, “turning off the presses” wouldn’t solve the LAT’s problems because while the paper isn’t as profitable as it was, it remains profitable (or close to it)– but isn’t throwing off enough cash to cover Zell’s debt costs.

    The report is encouraging because it indicates that it may be possible for an online-only news operation to pay for itself with advertising alone (which solves the problem of “giving away content”).

    FWIW, most papers still make money, just not enough to retire excessive debts, support corporate bloat, and satisfy investors at the same time. Some (pre-recession) numbers. (Dissenting view.)

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