The Reek of Entitlement Makes Me Want To Retch

Pajamas Media » Requiem For the Los Angeles Newspaper Industry

Tell Zell — whose author, InkStainedRetch, will only identify him or herself as a longtime journalist at the Times — urges Times staffers to fight back, to meet with Teamsters leaders, to take back their paper. “Because despite all the crap about MSM, the truth is that journalists care deeply about what they do. We wouldn’t be in this job if we didn’t. There’s no money in it, no real fame. Just the bright feeling that we are doing something good and useful. That words matter. That writing is a way of warring for better days. Maybe we don’t always get it right. But most of us, I promise, try damn hard.”

Maybe if you’d tried harder to just report the damned news instead of trying to browbeat the rest of us into seeing things the way you do, you wouldn’t be out pounding the pavements looking for jobs that are rapidly vanishing.

You want to find the culprits for the predicaments in which you now find yourselves? Look in your damned mirrors.

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