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But the level of public interest and scrutiny over earmarks has increased since those votes, he said, in an interview. Obey “misjudged the way this is viewed outside the Beltway.” . . .

Funny, isn’t it, how Obey misjudges these things, and Trent Lott misjudges them, and every GOP supporter of amesty misjudges them, and Rove and Bush misjudge almost everything out side the Beltway?

Why, you’d think our would-be rulers live in a bubble or something. Still, I don’t think they really misjudge outside-the-Beltway sentiment. They just ignore it – or try to. Basically, the average D.C. grandee dislikes the voters intensely, because they believe that voters don’t understand how deeply difficult it is for a politician to buy, grab, hold, and maintain his own personal power – which is, of course, what almost all politicians regard their Job Number One.

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