Air Pelosi

Her Imperiousness wants to travel in style as she fights for the common working man:

The Bush administration has agreed to provide House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with regular access to an Air Force passenger jet, but the two sides are negotiating whether she will get the big aircraft she wants and who she may take as passengers, according to congressional and administration sources.

Meanwhile, Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam of Florida said Mrs. Pelosi’s request represents “an arrogance of office that just defies common sense” and called it “a major deviation from the previous speaker.”

Minority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri called it a “flying Lincoln Bedroom,” and Rep. Patrick T. McHenry, North Carolina Republican, labeled the speaker’s plane “Pelosi One.”

An aide to Mrs. Pelosi, who is arguing she needs the jets for security reasons, yesterday referred questions to the Air Force, which is studying the California Democrat’s request along with lawyers at the Pentagon and at the White House. “A lot of people are working this,” an Air Force source said.

…Mrs. Pelosi wants a larger aircraft that can fly to her home district of San Francisco nonstop. She also wants to be able to ferry other members of the congressional delegation, family members and her staff.

The politically powerful truly are different than the rest of us. One more thing: I suspect there’s a chance a big Air Force plane would eventually be used to help Hillary appear presidential.


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  1. Just out of curiosity: IRS regs state that free flights must be taxed as “income”. (The taxable amount is based on an “average” airfare.)

    Pelosi herself would be exempt; but all her other camp followers would have to pay taxes on the free flights.

    Think they’ll ever comply with the tax law?

    (Sorry: that was a rhetorical question.)

  2. Of course Bush (D) has agreed. Wow, we have evolved; a guy giving a chick a BJ. (If any of you still are, don’t hold your breath for him ever using the veto.)

    I go back and forth trying to decide if I think Bush is truly that totally incompetent or is that totally corrupt. Either way, the end result has been totally detrimental to this country.

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