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Also of interest;

Bill Quick

AP says Trump has hit magic number of delegates to clinch GOP nomination

It’s official: Donald Trump has secured enough delegates to wrap up the Republican presidential nomination, according to the Associated Press.

On Thursday, the AP announced that enough unbound delegates have said they were willing to support Trump to put the real estate mogul over the threshold to win the nomination.

Trump now has 1,238 delegates, the AP reports, one above the 1,237 needed to win the Republican nod.

Golly.  Who could have predicted such a thing.  Trump picking up unbound delegates (including those supposedly permanently attached to Lyin’ Ted Cruz’s ball sack)?

Well, me:

Pay No Attention. They’re Insane. And Like Their #NeverTrump Loser, They’re Lying Their Heads Off | Daily Pundit

“Huge” haul?  I make it a total of 57 delegates.  Even if Cruz were to win every single one of them (he won’t), it would make a dime’s worth of difference to the fact that, by then, he will have been mathematically eliminated even if unbound delegates are included.  And I expect him to start shedding some of those shortly as well.  Why does Politico keep lying by omission about this?

Okay, it’s a little early for it, even on the East Coast, but go ahead and break out the champagne.  And sip a bit and contemplate the amazing, awesome thing Trump, with our help, has accomplished. And be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Nobody thought it was even remotely possible just a few months ago. Except Donald Trump. And us.

Later on today I’ll run a compendium of the various predictions of doom for Trump that have been promulgated during his campaign for the GOP nomination, which culminated in success today.  Or maybe I’ll just crowdsource it, put up a post and let you add your favorite ludicrously wrong predictions yourselves.

No more “presumptive” nominee status.  Oh, the butthurt we’ll see now.  Much pointing, mocking, and laughter coming right up.

UPDATE: Prediction – in the most deluded neighborhoods of the #NeverTrumptard dream world, the reax will be muttering about how none of this is actually offical yet.  Although all those rumored thefts of Trump second ballot delegate votes by Lyin’ Ted Cruz were “take it to the bank” stuff.  And even if they were more or less true at the time, that’s all irrelevant as of today.  Sort of like the #NeverTrumptard kooks themselves.

Never Interrupt the Democrats When They’re Busy Committing Suicide
Bill Quick

The Democrats’ Green/Blue Divide | City Journal

Blue-collar union leaders—already furious over the Obama administration’s scuttling of the Keystone XL pipeline and Hillary Clinton’s vow to shut down the coal industry—took another hit earlier this month, when the Democratic Party announced the formation of For Our Future PAC, a voter-turnout initiative in partnership with billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, who has long waged war against projects that the trade and construction unions hoped would create jobs. The New York Times portrayed the reaction to Steyer’s involvement in the new $50 million super PAC as a “rift between labor and environmentalists” within the Democratic Party, but that’s nothing new: trade unions and environmentalists have long been at odds. The real news was that much of the rest of the labor movement—led by public-sector unions—had agreed to work with Steyer, highlighting the ever-widening divide between blue-collar labor groups and their public-union counterparts. That split has already driven some trade unions into the arms of Republican candidates, and may account for some of the support Donald Trump gets in polls from working-class voters.

This is, of course, a recipe for suicide for the Democrat party.  As it’s leadership depends more and more on its stable of millionaires and billionaires for financing, it turns away from the very people it needs at the ballot box in order to maintain power.

What good does it do a party to have the likes of Tom Steyer give you several million bucks, if the net results is a shrinking of your voter pool?  Eventually, you end up as a very well-funded party that can’t win an election anywhere.  At which point you will probably (although we’re talking progtard here, so who knows?) cease to be well-funded, either.

The #NeverTrumptards are trying to pursue a similar strategy for the GOP, but since Trump is crushing them into enraged, irrelevant impotence now,  the prognosis for the GOP is much better than that for the Social Green Democrats and their collapsing “majority.”

Look. Dude: They’re Kooks. A Bunch of Nutters. What Else Would You Expect?
Bill Quick

Electoral Hysteria Invites Defeat | The American Spectator

Ronald Reagan doesn’t define the GOP. I greatly respect Reagan, voted for him twice, and cherish a photo of him taken with me. I wish he were on the ballot in 2016. Alas, he is not. So we are left with the prospective nominee. Some pundits claim that Trump is a disgrace to the GOP, and that his nomination will “ruin” the Republican Party. Seriously? Greater ruination than the supplicants in the GOP congressional leadership who have acceded to a doubling of the national debt under President Obama (along with most of his unlawful executive edicts)? Greater than the administrations of Richard Nixon (creation of EPA, support of busing and affirmative action, appointment of Harry Blackmun, Watergate), Gerald Ford (appointment of John Paul Stevens), George H.W. Bush (support of Americans with Disabilities Act, appointment of David Souter, “kinder and gentler nation”), George W. Bush (support of No Child Left Behind and Medicare drug benefits, advocacy of amnesty, Iraq War, TARP bailouts)? Greater than the candidacies of Bob “Tax Collector for the Welfare State” Dole (1996); John McCain (2008), champion of campaign finance reform, global warming, and amnesty; and Mitt Romney (2012), architect of “Romneycare,” Massachusetts’ mandatory universal health care program? The Republican Party has survived many presidential candidates with qualifications and experience no greater than Trump’s: e.g., Ben Carson, Steve Forbes, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, and Pat Robertson, none of whom provoked threats by conservatives to organize a third party challenge.

Well, the real reason for the #NeverTrumptards pathetic jihad against Trump has nothing to do with reason (at least at the obvious level) because they are kooks.  Their one rational reason for clinging so bitterly to their delusions is they see that as protecting their Iron Gravy Bowls from Trump the Terrible.

And they may be right about that part.  I’m certainly hoping so.

I’m Man Enough For Hillary. Girlfriend.
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » IT’S COME TO THIS: Of course — this being Hillary “reset” Clinton — there’s a problem: …

Dunno about you, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this “man enough for Hillary” guy was “gay leather bar faux-biker butt-boy.”

And here in San Francisco, I’ve seen enough of the breed to know one when I see one.

The Real Reason for Affirmative Action in the Academy
Bill Quick

Asian-Ivy War Continues – The American Interest

This conflict will probably persist as long as affirmative action does (and with Justice Scalia’s passing, it seems unlikely that the Supreme Court will deal the body-blow to racial preferences that many admissions offices feared) because affirmative action partisans don’t have a clear or consistent answer to the Asian students’ concerns. Is affirmative action designed to give a boost to groups of people who have faced discrimination in the United States? Surely this applies to Asians as much as Hispanics. Is affirmative action designed to increase ethnic diversity? It’s unclear why Asian-Americans contribute less to the diversity project than other racial minorities. Is the apparent bias against academically qualified Asian applicants simply the result of a neutral “holistic” process that evaluates students on the basis of nebulous character traits? That is, of course, the precise justification Ivy League schools used to cap Jewish enrollment.

Let’s get real here.  At the college level, “affirmative action” is designed to mitigate and obfuscate the fact that blacks, and to a somewhat lesser extent, Hispanics, are not, as a group, as smart as whites, or, at the top of the IQ totem pole, Asians.

If a truly competitive admissions process were in effect in our nation’s academy, the student body would be almost entirely Asian and white, with a minor and occasional sprinkling of blacks and Hispanics.  But such would give the lie to the progtard dream that we are all perfectly equal, and any difference in any sort of outcomes can only be credited to some sort of ism – racism, colonialism, whatever.  

God forbid we should judge college applicants by the contents of their characters – or their native IQs.


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A Bit About the Movie Business: Why Do They Keep On Making These Godawful Films?
Bill Quick

These thoughts were triggered by the discussion about movies, profits, and Hollywood accounting practices.

It raised the question, “Why on earth would these supposedly very smart people risk a lot of money to make progtard message pictures that end up being massive, and entirely predictable, flops?”

Which means there is something else you don’t understand about Hollywood.  It is at least as impenetrable a bubble as anything the Washington Iron Gravy Bowlers have constructed for themselves on the east coast.

1.  Progtard groupthink is ubiquitous (at least publicly) and is rigidly enforced.

2.  Hollywood producers don’t know (or don’t think they know) anybody sane and intelligent who isn’t progressive (Nobody I know voted for Nixon).

3.  All their news of the world comes from the NYT, LAT, and WaPo.  All their entertainment comes from the liberal nets.  All their visual news comes from CNN, MSNBC, and PBS.  All their listening comes from NPR.  

4.  They live in Hollywood.  Or someplace even more foreign, exotic, and wired into the socialist/progtard ethos –  Europe is popular.  Former European colonies, especially on islands, are also popular.  Insular US ski resorts or remote ranching colonies where everybody is Just Like Them are also popular.  They’ve rarely been to places like Buttfuck, Kansas, or Munchpie, Indiana, unless they were born there and “escaped” from them as soon as they could.  They know nothing about people who live in such places now, nor do they wish to.

5.  They’ve never watched FOX, listened to Rush, read NRO (sad), or visited what we think of as Real America unless on location, where great amounts of cocaine are purchased (on the movie budget, under paperclips or somesuch) to deaden the pain and block any untoward inputs.

6.  They exist in walled and gated communities of the mind, and every signal they receive tells them that such is the nature of reality in America and the world today.  Progressive socialism is triumphant, right wing fascists, especially the bitter clinging, gap-toothed, cousin-humping, gun-lusting segment of them are a small, shrinking, and financially irrelevant market.  (Do those people even go to movies?  Can they afford to buy a ticket?)

So why on earth, when they sit down to make marketing decisions about the sort of movies they want to make (and understand that just about every decision made about movie-making is, at bottom, a marketing decision) wouldn’t they want to aim their films at what they think is the biggest market available?  The progressive-socialist rulers of the world, by popular acclaim?

I’d do the same.  But first, I might actually take a shot at figuring out that if the signals I’m getting from beyond the walls and gates are actually from some real world, and not just a pleasing fantasy.

Before I get the ultimate signal as my shiny new progtard propaganda film crashes and burns because nobody wanted to watch it at all.

Everything Obama Touches Turns to Shit
Bill Quick

Physician Burnout Up 10% Over Past 3 Years – MPR

According to a new study, burnout among physicians in the U.S. is 10% higher than it was three years ago. Findings from the study are published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

So, the docs started crashing and burning about three years ago, eh?  What a mystery!  If only we could point to some event, something that happened about that time that might have caused this massive burnout.

Oh, wait.  This might be a clue:

ObamaCare 2013

Although the bulk of the law’s provisions in the law don’t go into place until 2014, 2013 will be one of the most important years in ObamaCare’s history. There is a lot on the table and a lot at stake. ObamaCare’s 2013 will be the year we get our first good look at how Medicaid Expansion and the ObamaCare Insurance Marketplaces will work (two health care reform’s biggest programs.)

Apparently the docs didn’t much like their “first good look” at Obamacare.

Criticism is an -ism

Remember how any criticism of Fuckface Obama’s policies or words was treated as ipso facto racism? Because, you know, it’s simply unpossible to dislike the policies themselves.

Well, here we go again:

‘Ghostbusters’: How Sony Plans to Out-Slime the Online Haters

But the umbrage taken has been even more pronounced than for the average reboot, and many believe it’s because Ghostbusters marks the first major film to get a female-centric redo … But in recent days, there was an even stronger backlash aimed at the anti-Ghostbusters movement, with fans and Feig questioning if foes are simply sexist.

Yep, it’s gotta be sexism from anti-women haters. Because a movie coming out with a gimick like replacing all the male leads with women wasn’t playing the sexism card from the beginning.


There’s no good reason not to take a movie beloved of women and remaking it. Redo Emma with an all-male cast and a happily-ever-after ending with two men. Redo Notting Hill with the male lead telling the female lead to piss off after she starts trying to change him, and then show the main male character doing quite well, actually, hanging out with his friends and keeping girlfriends only as long as they keep the bitch dial down to 1. (I can’t be more specific without research. I really dislike girlie movies. Try to contain your surprise.)

Anyway, I see no reason at all not to piss all over beloved cultural icons in order to score social virtue points. No money except money, that is — The Ghostbusters remake ran $150M. Seems kind of high to me, but what do I know? I’m just some kind of sexist, and probably a racist as well.

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Melting…She’s Melting…The Wicked Witch Is Melting…
Bill Quick

Does Hillary Clinton Have A Gender Gap Problem? – Rasmussen Reports™

A lot of men don’t like Hillary Clinton. Or at least that’s what our polling seems to suggest.

While much has been written and said about Donald Trump’s gender gap with women, our new White House Watch survey last week found that Clinton trailed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee by 22 points among male voters. By comparison, Clinton had an 11-point advantage among women.

Though her advantage is shrinking fast.

Back in April, polls were showing Crooked Hillary with an average advantage among women over Trump of 19%, with one poll giving her an advantage of 27%.

Wait till you see what that divide looks like in October.

Guess What? Bunch Of Commies Were Behind the Anti-Trump Riots in Albuquerque
Bill Quick

Guess Who? – The Albuquerque Trump Protests Were 100% Organized Political Astroturf… | The Last Refuge

However, what the article doesn’t mention is that the protesting groups were 100% organized political astroturf.   Notice the sign above, and see the caption “PSL“? “PSL” stands for “Party for Socialism and Liberation“. 

Here’s a copy of their organizing flyer prior to last night’s protest rally:

All Democrat “street protests,” from these commies, to “OnlyBlackCriminalLivesMater, to #VaginaVigilantes Who Hate Trump, to deluded collegiate useful tool morons, to every flavor of “Hispanic Protesters” to Occupy are astroturf, pure and simple.

The Democrats haven’t been able to field a genuine, spontaneous, grass-roots movement protest for decades.

Kooks Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers
Bill Quick

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: What Are We to Do? | National Review

In the case of #NeverTrumptard kooks, I recommend immediate and painless suicide.

Yes, I’m willing to concede you the painless part.

For now.

Who Could Possibly Have Predicted this Black Swan Event?
Bill Quick

Reports: Paul Ryan Will Endorse Donald Trump | PJ Media

House Speaker Paul Ryan will endorse presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump in coming days, according to two reports. Late Tuesday night, Bloomberg News reported that Ryan has taken moves to end his standoff with Trump. On Wednesday morning, Trump campaign sources told ABC News that Ryan will be endorsing The Donald. Later, however, Ryan’s staff circulated a memo denying the allegations.

Of course they did.  Still, this is just an utter and complete shocker, isn’t it?

Watch the kooks at NRO now drum Ryan out of their circle jerk of lunatics over there.

NYC Offers Many New Protections for the Mentally Ill
Bill Quick

NYC Protects 31 Gender Identities | The Daily Caller

Individuals living in New York City can choose from a minimum of 31 different gender identities, many of which allow them to fluctuate between some version or combination of male or female identities.

Are goats on this list somewhere?

Hey, nemo, are you going to take advantage of this and make some new “choices?”

Remember Michael Savage’s old meme about liberalism being a mental disease?  Well, here you go.

About That Moneyback Guarantee…There Isn’t One – Caveat Emptor, And All That
Bill Quick

DePaul University, We Want Our Money Back – Breitbart

Breitbart News is demanding its money back from DePaul University after being forced to pay security fees for guards who failed to secure Milo Yiannopoulos’ safety during his talk at the university. The event was shut down after activists stormed the stage and issued threats of violence.

Black Lives Matters protesters, who grabbed the microphone out the interviewer’s hands and threatened to physically assault Yiannopoulos, were left free to ruin the event after security refused to intervene.

Somehow, I doubt they’re going to get that refund.

Which will make an interesting, if somewhat minor, talking point for Milo and Breitbart.

Crowd Boos Anti-American Hispanic Hack
Bill Quick

‘Get off the stage!’ Crowd yells at commencement speaker after she uses Spanish, mentions Trump – The Washington Post

Denise De La Cruz, a graduating senior who wrote about it for the OC Weekly described it this way:

Salinas’ speech was well-received until it became a little too Latino-centric for some and blatantly anti-Trump. The Univision broadcaster began specifically congratulating Latino journalism graduates for what seemed like a large chunk of her speech. She then began speaking in Spanish … This left non-journalism grads and non-Latinos/non-Spanish speakers feeling excluded. Parents in the audience and even students in the ceremony bgan demanding Salinas switch to a more inclusive tone by shouting phrases such as, “What about us?!”

Tensions worsened as Salinas began offering advice to journalism students to use the tools of media to rebut political figures such as Donald Trump. That’s when folks began yelling things to Salinas such as, “Get off the stage!” and “Trash!”

On Tuesday, De La Cruz said she has gotten a mixed reaction to what she wrote, with some who were in the audience saying they didn’t feel any tension or hostility from the crowd, and others who appreciated her writing about a very awkward moment.

She made it an “awkward moment” by using a podium she should never have been given to trash an actual American, Donald Trump, under the mantle of her purported journalistic “objectivity.”

I’m coming around more and more to SteveF’s methods of dealing with this sort of thing.

Allahputz: Still Spinning the Kookery As Fast As He Can
Bill Quick

Video: Trump dumps on GOP Gov. Susana Martinez during New Mexico rally for some reason « Hot Air

Is there any conceivable strategic value to doing this? Martinez hasn’t endorsed him, has criticized him for what he’s said about immigration, and made a point of skipping his rally last night. She doesn’t like him, so naturally he doesn’t like her. But that doesn’t answer my question. What’s the strategic value of attacking a Republican governor, at an event held in her own state, when job one for Trump right now is unifying the party?

In your world of kooks and delusions, Allahputz, party unification is Trump’s job one, preferably by submitting to a GOPe wishlist of how he should be, rather than how he actually is.  In the real world, Trump’s job one is kicking the shit out of Crooked Hillary, and along the way, completing the utter destruction of #NeverTrumptards like you and your lunatic ilk.  And that would include the immolation of any influence RINO governors like Martinez might still have.

Kook Watch
Bill Quick

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump Could Cause Four-Way Race | National Review

Could Bernie Sanders put Mitt Romney in the White House? I haven’t gotten my 2012 and 2016 wires crossed; I have a theory that’s slightly more realistic than a Donald Trump presidency seemed a year ago.

Sigh.  Could pigs fly out your ass, Jonah?

Probably not.  Your head is blocking that passage.

Say, Don’t the #NeverTrumptards Keep Calling Trump a White Male Democrat?
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » MEGAN MCARDLE: The Danger Of President Trump Isn’t Dictatorship: There are two stages to becomin…

So the question is not just whether Trump wants to be a dictator, but what the other branches of government will do if he tries to actually become one. I don’t just mean Congress and the courts; I mean “will the bureaucrats of the civil service follow his orders, and will the people with guns agree to go out and arrest his enemies?”

There’s clearly a portion of the electorate that thrills to the more authoritarian and violent parts of his message, and presumably some of those folks are in the military and the civil service. But I’m still fairly confident that the FBI is not, say, going to start tapping journalists’ phones to find out if they’re making fun of President Trump’s comb-over, or disappearing the ones who do.

This is why, as I’ve said, if you favor liberty then the President should be a white, male Republican. Because then the Deep State will keep him in check.

The key to the hypocrisy here is that one word “Republican.” Because FDR was both white and male, and nobody kept him in  check – even as he busily created the Deep State.

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Trail of Tears – and Lies
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » 

IN THE MAIL: From Naomi Schaefer Riley, The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians.

What is this? Fauxcohontas’ life story?

Is The Bloom Off This Particular Rose?
Bill Quick

The Mark Cuban Factor | Scott Adams Blog

As a citizen, I’d like to see both Trump and Clinton agree to let Cuban come up with an immigration plan that isn’t racist and isn’t stupid. So far, we’ve only seen those too options. Cuban could sort that out. Let’s see what he can do.

I’ll help too. (I can be persuasive.)

Apparently not about immigration, though.

BTW, here’s somebody who isn’t totally infatuated with Scott Adams:

You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Be Scott Adams, But It Helps – Taki’s Magazine

Kathy Shaidle just matched “Scott Adams” and “Crazy” in a headline.

She must have read his book.

It’s got a lot of words and pages in it, you know.

The End of Left and Right – And Good Riddance!
Bill Quick

The End of Left and Right | The Z Blog

Left and Right are dead. It’s globalist versus localist and everyone is going to have to pick sides, even the libertarians for a change. The #nevertrump loons are picking sides, even if they don’t fully understand it. They are the toadies and rumpswabs that are in the baggage train of every ruling elite. They are the folks who rush into the street to greet the invaders. They don’t understand any of this, but they are men who believe in nothing but self-preservation so it really doesn’t matter. Everyone else will pick sides, based on their perceived self-interest.

Well, in fairness, I would note that the NeverTrump kooks are picking a side based on what they perceive as their own self-interest.  After all, they do have their Iron Gravy Bowls to protect, if not America or Americans – among which they can no longer really be numbered.

Petraeus: I Need An Enemy I Can Preemptively Surrender To
Bill Quick

Sultan Knish: Only Islam Can Save Us From Islam

In the Washington Post, Petraeus complained about the “inflammatory political discourse that has become far too common both at home and abroad against Muslims and Islam”. The former general warned that restricting Muslim immigration would “undermine our ability to defeat Islamist extremists by alienating and undermining the allies whose help we most need to win this fight: namely, Muslims.”

Still think Betrayus would be a great third party prexy candidate?

Read the whole thing.  Knish rips him a new one.

After The Primaries Are Over…I’m Going to Gunblogger Rendezvous!
Bill Quick

Just paid for my registration.

If you can’t afford several thousand bucks to go shooting with Glenn Reynolds, Mark Rippetoe, and Ed Driscoll, spend a few hundred and come shooting with me at GBR XI in Reno, NV Sept. 8 — Sept. 11 of this year.

If you click through the link and pony up your $35 registration fee by June 1, Lucky Gunner will have $150 worth of ammo, your choice, waiting for you on your arrival.

I can guarantee you a lot of fun will be had by all.  


Okay, All Right, Damnit. Washington Primary.
Bill Quick

Trump won.

Okay, now I’ll go look and see if that’s the case.

I checked. Not yet.

AP Delegate Tracker:

It’s interesting that, unlike most sites, AP is reporting that Trump currently has 1,169 delegates, where most others have him slightly above the 1100 mark.  What’s the difference?

According to AP, Trump has picked up 64 unbound delegates since April 27th.  As I predicted he would start to do, and is now apparently doing.  So it’s at least conceivable that Washington could put him easily over 1200 before the polls even open in California.

Which the Witches of 538, always right on top of this stuff, now give Trump between a 97% and 98% :chance of winning,

Feel free to post your thoughts and observations on this, the most important primary evah!

Since nobody else even seems to be talking about it.

Oh, and hey.  Remember how, months and months ago, all the wise men were telling us that a “contested convention” was a done deal, and gazing in awe on Lyin’ Ted’s awesome and irresistible organization poaching all of Trump’s delegates?

What?  That was only three weeks ago?

Do tell.

Bill Quick

From the “Trump is our murder weapon” guy:

And from the Empire of Blonde:

Empire of Idiot:

Well, I was going to post something from Kevin Williamson, one of the premier resident kooks at NRO, but he’s blocked me from his feed. The sniveling little pussy.

Mike Hendrix Notes: Oy. Fucking. Vey.
Bill Quick

Cold Fury » It CAN’T IS happening here

Goatfuck update! I repeat, with a big-ass bell on: Oy. Fucking. Vey. Well, at least now we know what’s coming next. The pictures of this complete goddamned idiot are priceless, I must say.

Here’s the story that raised Mike’s eyebrows into the stratosphere – and then set them on fire:

Why this man decided to become a goat | New York Post

High on a green sweep of Swiss Alps, grazing with a herd of goats, Thomas Thwaites is on all fours — dressed as one of them.

“Sweat is dripping off the end of my nose,” Thwaites writes in his new book, “Goat Man: How I Took a Holiday From Being Human” (Princeton Architectural Press). “My arms are on fire, and I can’t really feel my knuckles, but I imagine there’s not all that much skin left on them.”

After months of preparation, Thwaites had finally achieved his goal: to become a goat. Researching their thought patterns, he learned that goats are most likely “stuck in time, not able to think about the future or the past much, because they probably don’t have episodic memory.”

But why did Thwaites want to become a goat?

I know, teacher!  (Waves hand frantically).  I know!  Call on me!

It’s because he’s crazy as a convention of bedbugs infesting a NYC hotel.

Progtard Punks: It’s the Administrators, Stupid
Bill Quick

Activists Crash Stage, Threaten Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul

Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul University had to be cut short Tuesday night after protesters stormed the stage, blew whistles, grabbed the microphone out of the interviewer’s hand, and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face.

This sort of thing can only happen with the complicity of the university’s administration.

They deliberately didn’t provide sufficient protection for Milo, knowing what would certainly then occur.  And why?

Because they hope to discourage similar heretics from even thinking of speaking at their progtard indoctrination center.

I think Trump should go speak at DePaul.  Let those badass wannabe fag-beaters try to punch Trump in the face.

Or, for that matter, me.  I know how to throw a punch.  And I punch back.  Actually, I punch first if I’m actually being threatened.  Stick your Marquis of Queensbury rules where the sun don’t shine.

The 50+ Healthy and Active Store at Amazon
Bill Quick

The 50+ Active and Healthy Living Store

Anybody here over fifty? Well, Amazon has a bunch of stuff right here, all in one place, for you. Pro tip: I take a lot of vitamins and supplements, and I buy almost all of them through Amazon. They are invariably cheaper than brick and mortar, and also cheaper than almost all online outfits as well. And they are, well, Amazon – which means dependability, guarantees, fast shipping, and efficiency.

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News From the Booming Obama Economy
Bill Quick

Yep.  Just the sort of thing you’d expect to see from a healthy, booming Obama economy.
But #NeverTrump.  Because we need more great news like this.

#NeverHillary: Slip-Sliding Away
Bill Quick

ABC poll: Trump surge due to massive 36% millennial swing – Red Alert Politics

A shocking new poll from ABC News reveals Hillary Clinton is losing to Donald Trump nationwide 46 percent to 44 percent. That’s an 11 percent shift from March, when Trump trailed Clinton by 9 points.

What was the biggest driver in this shift in the polls? Surprisingly, it’s young voters.

Clinton’s support among young voters ages 18 to 29 has dropped 19 percent since March — and Trump has gained 17 percent support from the same demographic. That’s a 36 percent swing.

While Clinton leads Trump in the demographic 45 to 42 percent, this margin in the general election would ensure a Republican landslide. Mitt Romney lost the youth vote to Barack Obama by more than 20 percent, and even a 10 percent Democrat margin would still ensure a decisive victory for Trump.

There’s that word again.


You’ll be hearing it considerably more often, and from some unexpected quarters, too, as this election grinds to its conclusion.

Investors Fear Trump Will Render US Economy “Fragile,” As Compared to Obama
Bill Quick

Prepare for President Trump, investors told –

“[The US election] should be the talk of the town, but it’s not. Trump is a good wake-up call to stop thinking everything is fine [in the US], as we have done for the past six years. It is a good time to think about fragility in the States.”

Because the Obama administration has been such an economic triumph.