Behind Every Horrible Woman Is a Horrible Man
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Molly Ball: Young Liberal Women “Think Bernie Is The Better Feminist,” “Hillary Is Only There Because Of Her Husband” | Video | RealClearPolitics

“They look at Hillary, I had one young woman say to me she thinks Hillary is only there because of here husband, and I want a strong independent woman [in the White House]. so there’s a real scorching attitude against Hillary Clinton.”

Does anybody really think that, had not Hillary Rodham married BJ Clinton all those years ago, anybody would ever have heard of her?  Anybody at all?

Gelding That Lily Boy
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What Donald Trump Must Do – Breitbart

Trump must return to the core issues that put him way, way out front: sealing our borders, building the wall, recharging our economy, addressing trade imbalances, taking care of our veterans, and destroying ISIS. He should talk about the Trump tax plan, praised by supply side guru Larry Kudlow. We know Trump is very, very rich; we want to hear how he would make us rich.

The rise of Rubio is very real, but Trump must dispatch Cruz as a viable candidate before he can face-off with Rubio, who will continue to be a factor in the Palmetto state. Rubio is gaining 3% a night in polls I have seen, and Trump leveled of after dropping 4% to sit on a modest lead. Rubio could supercharge this trend with a strong debate performance.

Uh huh.

Rubio chokes

The Florida senator went into Saturday night’s GOP debate with momentum. He ended it as a viral glitch sensation.

But…Big Winner!

You know.  Watch for it.

What if Madeleine Albright is correct?

Madeleine Albright tells young women there is a special place in hell if they don’t support Hillary

Former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright attempted to shame young women voters at a Hillary Clinton campaign event on Saturday, repeating her now-famous line: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

I’m no theologian, but what do you think that special section of hell would look like?

My guess is that when those young women looked into a mirror, they’d see Ms. Albright’s reflection staring back.

BTW, has there ever been a less descriptive name for any one person than Madeleine’s “Albright”? Should have been ‘Half-bright’ or ‘Barely-bright’ or maybe just ‘Moron’.

Hadn’t You Noticed?
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John Kasich jokes about Democratic primary run in New Hampshire – CBS News

Kasich, who has appealed to voters across the ideological spectrum in an effort to attract independent voters, ran into yet another Democratic voter who told the Ohio governor that he’s the only Republican he would vote for.

“I ought to be running in a Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me — you have any Republican friends?” Kasich jokingly replied.

Actually, given that you’re pretty much bunched with Rubio, Christie, Jeb, and Angry Face Woman, you kinda sort are running in at least a version of a Democrat primary, Governor.

Ford: We’re Going to Mexico!
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Ford to More Than Double Mexico Production Capacity in 2018 – WSJ

Ford Motor Co. will build a new assembly plant in Mexico and sharply increase Mexican factory output, representing the latest shift of investment abroad by a Detroit auto maker following the signing of a costly new labor deal.

The No. 2 light-vehicle seller in the U.S. plans to add 500,000 units of annual Mexican capacity starting in 2018, more than double what it built in 2015, according to people briefed on the plan. The plan mirrors General Motors Co.’s $5 billion investment to double Mexican capacity by 2018.

You want to keep these factories in the US?  Then you’re going to have to destroy the power of the Democrat-owned labor unions.  Because if you don’t, one of two things will happen:  Either car companies will move production away from the power of the unions, that is, offshore, or they will go out of business due to their inability to compete with other manufacturers whose labor costs are much less acute.

I expect President Trump will understand this, and so will his Secretary of Labor, Scott Walker.

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Site Notes – My Cold
Bill Quick

Still got it.  Still taking various nostrums and potions.  Still sniveling like a baby.

But I’m at my desk and trying to blog.

Should be interesting.  Can’t wait to see what sort of horrific typos and other outrageous errors I make.

Morning Indicators
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The UMass/7News (Tracking) Poll pretty much tells the whole story through yesterday.  Take a look:

It’s Trump nearly tripling everybody else in NH.

Elsewhere, PredictIt has Trump favored to win NH 88%-9% for Rubio.

The 538 gang of witches seems to have thrown in the towel as well, with both their models showing Trump the prohibitive favorite in NH.  What’s interesting is that, as the actual voting approaches, their models show Trump gaining support, and everybody else losing some support.

Now, let’s discuss how Trump’s yuge NH win is likely to be spun by Trumpophobes on both the left and the right.  Rather than being an earth shattering victory, as Body of Christ Cruz’s triumph in the churches of Iowa was portrayed, or as Marco Rubio’s third place finish was lauded (while Trump’s second place finish was sneered at as being a massive failure), Trump’s likely pulling-away win in NH will be shrugged off as “ho, hum, big deal, so what, he was expected to win there.”

At which point we’ll be instructed to ignore Trump’s crushing of the rest of the NH field, and concentrate on Rubio’s “amazing” finish – why, lookie there, he said his game plan was to finish 3-2-1 in Iowa, NH, and SC, and by george, he’s managed the first two.”

And lost to Trump every time.

Nobody cares how Kasich finishes.  Outside NH, he’s irrelevant.  Actually, inside NH, he’s irrelevant.

Body of Christ Cruz’s impended major loss will also be shrugged off – NH just isn’t his kind of place.  Not enough churches or evangelicals.  But just you wait until South Carolina, where he will really shine again.

Bottom line:  Donald Trump is set to give the rest of the GOP primary field a good old fashioned NY-style ass-stomping, and TDS victims all across America are girding themselves to pretend to ignore that as much as possible.


Eminent Domain This, Jerk-Babies
Bill Quick

Trump Triumphant | The Weekly Standard

But here’s the thing: Trump had, easily, his worst moment in any of the debates so far. Jeb Bush gutted him on eminent domain.

Oh, horseshit.

Jeb Bush, Debate Audience Destroy Donald Trump for Loving Eminent Domain – Hit & Run :

BUSH: The difference — the difference between eminent domain for public purpose — as Donald said, roads and infrastructure, pipelines and all that — that’s for public purpose,” said Bush. “But what Donald Trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in Atlantic City. That is not public purpose, that is down right wrong.”

The audience members sided with Bush, which prompted Trump to denounce them.  “That’s all of [Bush’s] donors and special interests out there,” he said.

The Big-L Libs at Reason think Bush “gutted” Trump.  They talk in terms like this: “In practice, Trump has a long history of relying on government force to steal property.”

Maybe its because I actually know what happened on this Atlantic City deal.  Maybe it’s because I’m tired of lunatic Libertarians slobbering all over themselves while flogging their soft bits over a world that never has, and never will, exist. 

Another Club For Growth Hack Speaks – Daily Pundit

That said, I just finished reading the case.  Granny was running a boarding house there.  There were also two other small businesses involved in the same litigation.  The entire case was technical, and turned on the lack of a single paragraph specifying how Trump must use the properties after they were either acquired by purchase or by condemnation by the CRDA (the development authority).

Had that paragraph existed in the 1991 agreement, rather than a later amendment in 1993, the case would have gone the other way.

It wasn’t an attempt by Trump to drag poor Granny Coking from her humble abode and throw her into the street.  

Vera Coking – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coking’s property was sold for $530,000 in an auction on July 31, 2014.[9] The reserve price was $199,000, a tenth of the offer Trump had made for the property eight years earlier.[1]  Neither the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority nor the owners of Trump Plaza expressed any interest in the auction.

Aw.  Too bad.

Get that, flap brains?  Trump offered “poor granny Coking two million bucks for her property, but she decided to try to hold him up for a lot more.  And ended up taking a 75% loss on her property over what Trump would have paid her eight years before.  Be still, my weeping heart, and dry my leaking nose.  Poor old bag screwed herself.  She did it, not Trump.

Did Jeb mention any of that, when he was “gutting” Trump, according to Last and all the rest of the Lasters?

As for those imbeciles at Reason, a reminder: 

CRS/LII Annotated Constitution Fifth Amendment

The Supreme Court has approved generally the
widespread use of the power of eminent domain by federal
and state governments in conjunction with private
companies to facilitate urban renewal, destruction of
slums, erection of low–cost housing in place of
deteriorated housing, and the promotion of aesthetic
values as well as economic ones. In Berman v.
Parker,186 a unanimous Court
ob[p.1374]served: “The concept of the
public welfare is broad and inclusive. The values it
represents are spiritual as well as physical, aesthetic
as well as monetary. It is within the power of the
legislature to determine that the community should be
beautiful as well as healthy, spacious as well as clean,
well–balanced as well as carefully patrolled.” For
“public use,” then, it may well be that “public
interest” or “public welfare” is the more correct
phrase. Berman was applied in Hawaii Housing Auth. v.
Midkiff,187 upholding the Hawaii Land
Reform Act as a “rational” effort to “correct
deficiencies in the market determined by the state
legislature to be attributable to land oligopoly.”
Direct transfer of land from lessors to lessees was
permissible, the Court held, there being no requirement
“that government possess and use property at some point
during a taking.”188 “The ‘public use’
requirement is . . . coterminous with the scope of a
sovereign’s police powers,” the Court concluded.189

Jeb’s Last Stand | The Weekly Standard

Lindsey Graham comes out first, followed by Tom Ridge—who embarrassingly says “let’s talk about electing George Bush president!” before catching himself. Ridge introduces George P. Bush, who most observers expect to battle Tagg Romney for the 2028 Republican nomination.

Is this a joke?  Or do maroons like this guy honestly think the GOPe aristocracy is so embedded that two punks who have nothing to recommend them – and I include their family connections in that “nothing” – are destined (by what?  Divine Right?) to vie for the most powerful political office in America twelve years from now?  They’re inevitable?

If that is what this country has become, then it’s time to burn it down.  Trump will make an excellent murder weapon to start things off.

And the bleating whacktards of Reason can FOAD.

Jeb’s Last Stand | The Weekly Standard

* Bush’s best moment of the town hall came toward the end. It was a question about how he would help people with disabilities as president and he told the story of what he did as governor to end the warehousing of mentally disabled folks, getting them into group homes, and into the workforce. He was clear, detailed, passionate. It showcased the best of conservatism and the best of Bush.

Like his entire campaign, it was a glimpse of what might have been.

Uh huh.  You left out some stuff, though:

Jeb Bush’s story of the mom who inspired him to help the disabled | PolitiFact

During Bush’s tenure, the budget for federal waiver programs for Floridians with disabilities would rise from $260 million in 1999-2000 to $861 million for 2006-07, according to records from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. (Those figures include federal matching dollars and state tobacco settlement money.) Spending on institutions declined, while spending on community care soared.

So, the “conservative” solution is to triple government spending on some problem?  Well, given that Jeb’s Big Bro did pretty much the same damned thing when he was a “conservative” President (according to the mooks at NRO), and his old man got his ass fired by the American people for lying to them about taxing them for more money so he could spend it, I guess you could say this sort of “conservatism” runs in the family.

How Dumb Is This ABC Bimbo?
Bill Quick

Ted Cruz Shuts Down Martha Raddatz’s Cheap Gotcha on North Korea – Breitbart

RADDATZ: Senator Cruz you have talked tough about this, you have talked tough about the Mideast — you haven’t gotten intelligence briefings about that. Why not tell us if you would pre-emptively strike a missile on a lunch pad that threatened the U.S.?

At this point, Cruz shut Raddatz down:

CRUZ: With due respect, I have gotten intelligence briefings on the Mideast. Those have been going on for many years. I haven’t gotten the intelligence briefings tonight on what North Korea is doing because I’m here in New Hampshire. And when you are responding to an immediate incident, you need to know the intelligence of what’s occurring.

Apparently this moronic twart is unaware that Senators do receive regular intelligence briefings on all sorts of matters dealing with internation relations and sercurity.

Apparently being a close personal friend of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is the only qualification one needs to become a big-time TV news hack.  Obviously, brains are optional.

Frankly, I Find This Worrisome
Bill Quick

Supreme Court likely to hear new “assault weapons” ban case « Hot Air

Yes, you read that correctly. In 2014 the total number of murders committed with rifles was 248 out of more than 8,000. And that’s rifles of all types. The FBI doesn’t break it down to specific models, so that figure includes all manner of hunting rifles, including bolt action models and others. The actual number of killings done with AR-15 style rifles is more likely in the dozens. If the Supreme Court chooses to hold to their own previously stated standards, the term “assault rifle” should be done away with entirely and these weapons should be looped in with the rest of the firearms in widespread, legal, safe use.

Sure, this is the logical case.  But ideology, not logic, rules this debate at the Supreme Court.

The four leftist justices simply want to ban and confiscate all firearms in private hands, and render the 2A effectively null and void – again.  So any infringement on the RKBA is fine with them, and they will uphold whatever infringements they can get.

The three conservative justices would probably support a relatively expansive interpretation of the Second, while muttering in their beards about stare decisis, and leaving gaping holes in the guarantee of the right via sloppy, stupid dicta that run athwart of their main decisions.

Which leaves John Roberts, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any decision, as long as he thinks that the reputation of SCOTUS isn’t “tarnished,” no matter how much tarnish is applied to the Constitution itself.

So it comes down the the geriatric Justice Kennedy, who is the frailest of all possible reeds upon which to depend for a robust defense of the Second and the RKBA.



Site Note
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I’ve apparently contracted one of my very rare colds, and feel pretty like like reheated crap, so, not much blogging today.  Sorry.  I hope to be up and running tomorrow, though.

So, if the world ends today and I’m not here to blog it, well, you know.  Crap happens.

I may respond to comments, but my brain is too fuzzed to actually get creative enough to actually write real blog posts at the moment.

I don’t care who you are, that’s pretty damn fast.

Later calculations showed that the heretofore mundane four-foot metal disk had been launched at six times Earth’s escape velocity. That’s one hundred fifty thousand miles per hour. Forty-five miles per second.

You know, sometimes I suspect those lab-coat types did stuff just for shits and giggles.

So somewhere in the New Mexico desert, unknown and unmourned, lies an American relic, a piece of history like no other: the fastest man-made object ever. And I harbor the hope that, whether it’s found or not, our nation and the world of science will someday realize our error all these years and recognize that the Pascal-A Manhole Cover, not Voyager 1, is the fastest man-made object ever.”

You ought to go read the whole thing. It’s funny, in a hold-my-beer-and-watch-this sort of way. When the world ends, I suspect the last human sound will be some scientist somewhere saying, “Oops”.

Odds On
Bill Quick

Here’s a PR hand-out somebody emailed me:


FEB. 5, 2016 – The 6-point spread in the Big Game on Sunday is nothing compared to spreads in the New Hampshire Primary from the odds-makers at Just a few days hours before Granite State voters head to the polls, Donald Trump (-13.5 points) and Bernie Sanders (-14.5 points) have been installed as prohibitive favorites. So if you feel betting the results is too risky giving so many points, you can also bet on the color of The Donald’s tie or Hillary’s pantsuit.

Here’s a look at what the odds-makers at expect will happen in New Hampshire and beyond. Complete odds are available at


Donald Trump: -13.5 points

Bernie Sanders: -14.5 points

Donald Trump: 2/5

Marco Rubio: 3/1

Ted Cruz: 6/1

Jeb Bush: 8/1

Chris Christie: 12/1

John Kasich: 12/1

Ben Carson: 25/1

Carly Fiorina: 30/1

Jim Gilmore: 75/1


Bernie Sanders: 2/5

Hillary Clinton: 3/1

Yes: 7/1
No: 1/7

Yes: 9/1
No: 1/10



Solid red: 3/1
Striped: 4/1
Solid blue: 5/1


Blue: 2/3
Black: 4/1
Green: 12/1
Red: 25/1
Gray: 25/1
Other: 30/1


Yes: 3/1
No: 2/7


Yes: 8/1
No: 1/9


Marco Rubio: 3/2
Donald Trump: 4/1
Ted Cruz: 5/1
Jeb Bush: 10/1
John Kasich: 12/1
Chris Christie: 12/1
Ben Carson: 25/1
Carly Fiorina: 40/1
Jim Gilmore, Paul Ryan, Michael Bloomberg, Mitt Romney and Clint Eastwood (field bet): 50/1


Hillary Clinton: 1/5
Bernie Sanders: 5/1


Democrat: 9/13
Republican: 3/2
Independent: 250/1

Still got Marco Amnesty favored to win the GOP nomination over Trump, though.

I Don’t Think So, Darling…
Bill Quick

Hannity is running this on his site under the hed: Watch: Trump OWNS A Heckler Who Said Illegal Immigrants Are The Backbone Of America

He’s good this way. No apologies, no waffling, no worries about PC tender feelings, just a good, solid punch in the illegal alien kisser.

You go, big guy.

The Ethnic Dem Plantations Sink Deeper Into Poverty Under Obama
Bill Quick

Black Unemployment Rises, More than Double White Unemployment Rate – Breitbart

While the unemployment rate dropped across the major demographic groups last month, African American unemployment jumped to more than double the white unemployment rate and nearly twice the national unemployment rate, according to new jobs data released Friday.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that during the month of January, African American unemployment increased from 8.3 percent in December to 8.8 percent last month.

The thing I like best about the Obama era is all the racial economic healing.

We Choose Bankruptcy!
Bill Quick

Mediaite Calls Their Commenters ‘Disheartening and Disgusting’ – Breitbart

Surprisingly, the move was praised by the libertarian UK news blog Guido Fawkes, known for its active and highly un-PC commenters. Paul Staines, founder and editor of Guido Fawkes, promised to “wage jihad” on his own commenters, and recommended that readers go to Breitbart if they wanted a lighter comment censorship regime.

Well, that would be the libertarian approach:  It’s their site, they can do whatever they like, and if all their readership takes a hike over to Breitbart and they go out of business as a consequence, well, you know.  Free market, creative destruction, all that stuff.  Which they’d liked whine about if it really did work out like that, but hey:  Oxen being gored, right in front of our eyes.  Never seen that before.

You’ve Got a Problem, I’ve Got a Solution
Bill Quick

10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna – Breitbart

On the December 2nd he brutally attacked the young boy, pulling him into a changing cubicle, pulling down his swimming trunks and assaulting him. Although the boy cried out he was not heard by anyone, Kronen Zeitung has reported.

Following the attack, the Iraqi amused himself by diving repeatedly from the three metre board. The young boy, meanwhile, went to a lifeguard in tears and told him what had happened. The police were immediately called and were able to arrest the Iraqi on the spot, while the boy was taken to hospital suffering from serious injuries.

During his interrogation the man attempted to excuse himself, saying that it had been a “sexual emergency.”

I can fix that problem for him…permanently.  Anybody got a rusty scimitar I could borrow for a second…?

GOPe Stampede to Stop Trump!
Bill Quick

Hmmm: Rubio snags Las Vegas Review-Journal endorsement for NV caucuses « Hot Air

Last year, Republican candidates engaged in what was occasionally called the Sheldon Adelson primary, meeting with the deep-pocketed casino mogul to win his backing. Several of them met with Adelson last April, but other than occasional rumors about his preferences, Adelson has remained uncommitted. Instead, Adelson bought Nevada’s largest newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in a move that had media outlets concerned over the independence of its reporting.

Today, the story lines converged as the LVRJ issued a presidential endorsement ahead of the Nevada caucuses scheduled in less than three weeks, the first such endorsement of the Adelson era. Or do the story lines have anything to do with each other at all? In their endorsement of Marco Rubio, the editors explicitly deny that Adelson had any influence on their decision:

Of course they do.  And, of course, they are lying.

Not much of a “break,” but it is a tell that the GOP establishment is now moving heavily in Rubio’s direction. Which means Jeb’s goose is likely well and thoroughly cooked.

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Poll Deluge
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Donald Trump’s New Hampshire Lead Falls to 10% in Latest Poll – Breitbart

A Boston Globe/Suffolk poll published on Friday afternoon had Donald Trump in first place with 29 percent of the vote, followed by Rubio with 19 percent. The survey had Gov. John Kasich in third place with 13 percent, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 10 percent, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) at 7 percent to round out the top five.

The new poll represents the closest gap between first and second place since a mid-January poll by ARG.

Of course, ARG has a new poll out this afternoon as well:  It’s got Trump up on Rubio, 36%-15%.

There’s a whole slew of polls out today for NH, and they’re all over the place.  Some of them look outlierish, but who knows?  Apparently the flibbertygibbets of America wander into their polling booths without a clue who they’ll vote for.  Maybe they flip coins there or something.

Nate Silver always opines that aggregated averages are more accurate than individual polls, so, FWIW, even after this new spate of NH polls, RCP has Trump up by 16, and HuffPo has him up by same number.

No doubt that Rubio seems to be pulling from somewhere – likely liberal, establishment-oriented NH Republicans.

Debate tomorrow.  Look for Megyn Kelly to spurt blood from every orifice.


Still Looking
Bill Quick

Newsmax CEO: Give Jeb! a Second Look – Breitbart

Christopher Ruddy, the CEO and editor of Newsmax, writes that “Jeb Bush deserves a second look.”



He’s still awful.

Anything else?

Nyet means nyet.

“Cologne is 2,500 kilometers south of here.”

A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday.

The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia. What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women than other European countries.

When I read this, I giggled like a little girl.

Police decided to let the beatings slide and didn’t file a report. The only thing they could confirm was that there was “a mass brawl involving refugees.”

I’ll bet Putin isn’t worried that this will “inflame” the situation in Syria, either.

Bunch of Fat Old Ladies Dancing
Bill Quick

Young and vibrant. Really. Hillary is just so young and vibrant, isn’t she?

Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » I’M SO OLD I REMEMBER WHEN PROFILING WAS BAD: Utah Fusion Center Warns Cops: Watch Out for Don’t-Tr…

Homeland Security remains a joke.

Probably because it started out as one.

Bill Quick

Meh: US added 151,000 jobs in January « Hot Air

Update (Steve Eggleston): I have a couple quick points.  First, on the “not in labor force” front, it is a seasonal phenomenon related to year-end retirements, and in the case of January, the implementation of new population controls.  While the 360,000 additional people not in the workforce compared to December (on a not-seasonally-adjusted basis) is a larger add than the last couple years, it is actually lower than the average December-to-January change since 2000.

The future isn’t very bright.  The January Challenger report released yesterday noted that announced job cuts surged to 75,114, the highest monthly total since July 2015 and the highest January total since 2009.  The report also noted that there were 8,362 announced hiring plans last month, the 2nd-lowest January total going back to 2011.

Well, when you’re about eight years deep into a Great Depression, the future doesn’t usually look very bright.

Trump, Cruz, Gay Rights, and a Limp Attempt at a Gotcha from Hot Gas
Bill Quick

Reporter to Trump: Can we expect more “forward motion” on equality for gays when you’re president? « Hot Air

Via Conservative Review, skip to 2:30 of the clip below. His answer’s fine by me but what about Trump’s base of “radical centrists,” many of whom are open to more liberal fiscal policies but remain culturally conservative? Trump’s the guy who’s going to make America great again by smashing the left’s politically correct idols, yet there’s no idol more “correct” these days than gay equality.

Actually, Trump says he hates political correctness, not that he intends to “smash politically correct idols.”

And the fact that he’s not planning on trying to parlay anti-gay religious bigotry into a campaign plank is a plus for me, versus “Body of Christ” Cruz’s purported jihad against gays.  Although maybe that’s not actually accurate about Cruz, either?

What Ted Cruz said behind closed doors

In June, Ted Cruz promised on NPR that opposition to gay marriage would be “front and center” in his 2016 campaign.

In July, he said the Supreme Court’s decision allowing same-sex marriage was the “very definition of tyranny” and urged states to ignore the ruling.

But in December, behind closed doors at a big-dollar Manhattan fundraiser, the quickly ascending presidential candidate assured a Republican gay-rights supporter that a Cruz administration would not make fighting same-sex marriage a top priority.

In a recording provided to POLITICO, Cruz answers a flat “No” when asked whether fighting gay marriage is a “top-three priority,” an answer that pleased his socially moderate hosts but could surprise some of his evangelical backers.

Seems there’s quite a few things about Cruz his backers might find “surprising…”

While Cruz’s private comments to a more moderate GOP audience do not contradict what the Republican Texas senator has said elsewhere, they demonstrate an adeptness at nuance in tone and emphasis that befits his Ivy League background.

He’s a lawyer.  Which means, just like BJ Clinton, he weasels.

The recording was provided to POLITICO by an attendee at the fundraiser, held Dec. 9 at the Sullivan & Cromwell law firm on Madison Avenue. The contribution levels were $10,800 to be on the host committee, $2,700 to attend a VIP reception, and $1,000 for lunch. The donors were generally moderate to liberal on social issues, and largely conservative on fiscal and national-security issues.

Sounds a lot like me, actually.  And Trump.  Good thing Cruz isn’t trying to hoover up all the GOP donor establishment moneybags in New York, eh?  Although maybe those are the “New York Values” he actually likes.  Getting paid.  Or bought, take your pick.

During the question period, one of the donors told Cruz that gay marriage was one of the few issues on which the two disagreed. Then the donor asked: “So would you say it’s like a top-three priority for you — fighting gay marriage?”

“No,” Cruz replied. “I would say defending the Constitution is a top priority. And that cuts across the whole spectrum — whether it’s defending [the] First Amendment, defending religious liberty.”

Soothing the attendee without contradicting what he has said elsewhere, Cruz added: “People of New York may well resolve the marriage question differently than the people of Florida or Texas or Ohio. … That’s why we have 50 states — to allow a diversity of views. And so that is a core commitment.”

The donor was satisfied, ending his colloquy with Cruz with a friendly: “Thanks. Good luck.

Although I am not at all opposed to the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage, I believe I am on record as saying that I could have handled a federalist approach to the issue.  Just as I’ve said the same thing about abortion.


Scott Adams Should Stick With Donald Trump – He’s Out of His Depth Here
Bill Quick

The Pledge of Allegiance | Scott Adams Blog

Under this scenario, any Muslim leader could issue a signed statement advising followers to obey the laws of the United States should they conflict with holy teachings.

Adams is a smart cookie, but he obviously knows nothing about Islam – something I suspect is the case for most smart-cookie liberals like Scott.

Any Muslim religious leader could never say that Muslims should obey secular laws that conflict with the teachings of Mohammed as given by Allah himself.  It is a logical impossibility, because any Muslim who said that could not, under the tenets of Islam itself, be a Muslim, “leader” or otherwise.


Oh, STFU, You Infantile Morons
Bill Quick

‘Experts’ Warn ‘Global Warming’ Is Making Pet Dogs Depressed – Breitbart

A leading “dog behaviourist” and an “animal behaviour counselor” have warned that “global warming” is responsible for a supposedly massive rise in bored and depressed pet dogs.

The “experts” said that “extreme” weather and a spate of wet winters was responsible for the tragic trend, which the Independent newspaper attributed to “decades of global warming”.

Idiots whose only expertise is in self-aggrandizing promotion bore and depress me.

Aw Faw Down
Bill Quick

1 Dead, 2 Seriously Hurt in Manhattan Crane Collapse – Breitbart

NEW YORK (AP) — One person died and two others were seriously injured when a crane collapsed in Lower Manhattan during a snow squall Thursday, smashing the roofs of parked cars as it crashed onto the street, authorities said.

These things are everywhere you turn in San Francisco these days, and frankly, they scare the crap out of me.

Think earthquake.

No, Carly Fiorina Shouldn’t Be In the Debate (Or Christie, Kasich, or Carson, Either)
Bill Quick

Shame on ABC, RNC for Excluding Carly Fiorina! – Breitbart

If I were Carly Fiorina, I would march down to St. Anselm’s College Institute of Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday night, storm right onto that stage, and demand I be given a podium at the GOP Debate.

Not only is Fiorina the only female candidate in the crowded Republican field of male presidential contenders, but unlike at least one of those onstage, Fiorina has actually earned her place, having won a delegate in this week’s Iowa caucuses.

Several other Republican candidates have protested on her behalf, but ABC is ignoring them.

I’m sorry, but so what?

Carly Fiorina is not going to be the nominee. She’s most likely not going to be the Veep nominee, although she has a slightly better (than the zero shot she as at the presidential nomination) chance at that one.

Still, her only purpose in such a debate would be to snipe at Trump, most likely. The truth here is that really only three men should be on that stage – Trump, Cruz, and Rubio – with a possibly arguable case for Bush as the fourth (at least until the GOPe settles its squabble about which of the two it’s going to finally back).

The rest are no-hoper losers who merely clutter the stage, and our time and attention, with irrelevant argle bargle that serves nobody but moderators who hate all the candidates, and all the Trumpophobes who enjoy watching Carly Angry Face try to “de-ball” him again.

A Slight Correction For Accuracy….
Bill Quick

Obama Celebrates Unemployment Numbers, Trolls Republicans Running for President – Breitbart

Obama also mocked Republicans who he said were blaming “immigrants or poor people” for taking “more and more of your paycheck.”

“That’s just not true, the facts just don’t bear that out,” he added.

Actually, it’s you and your party who are taking more and more of our paychecks – and giving them to shiftless, unemployable immigrants and poor people.

Wait – That’s Not How We Planned It!
Bill Quick

Exclusive — ‘It’s A Terrible Deal,’ Donald Trump Says About Just-Signed Obamatrade – Breitbart

Donald Trump, currently leading in New Hampshire polling ahead of this coming Tuesday’s primaries, tells Breitbart News exclusively that the just-signed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pacific rim trade agreement is a “terrible deal.”

“It’s like all deals that the United States makes under this president, it’s a terrible deal,” Trump said when asked to react to the news that President Barack Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative just inked the deal officially in Auckland, New Zealand.

It’s going to allow countries to continue to take advantage of us and take our jobs, take our trade. It’s bad for us. It’ll allow China to come in through the back door at a later date and continue to really do a number on us, and it doesn’t take into account money manipulation—manipulation or devaluation of currency, which is the single biggest tool that countries use against us. It’s a terrible deal.

Trump also hit former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—who used to favor the TPP portion of Obamatrade, but now says she opposes the highly unpopular deal even though she helped negotiate it—for flip-flopping to oppose the deal. In Thursday evening’s Democratic debate, Clinton re-expressed her newfound opposition to Obamatrade’s TPP, but she used to be in favor of it heavily.

Of course it’s a terrible deal.  And the fact that it exists for Obama to sign is all the evidence you need of the abject failure of the GOP to use its congressional majorities to oppose him.

Which is pretty funny, if you stop to think about it:  The logic in refusing to shut down the government is that doing so might threaten GOP chances in the general presidential contest of 2016.  And yet that contest now looks to be between two people the GOP congressional establishment absolutely despises:  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Joke’s on them.

Ha ha.

Bill Quick

Citi: World economy trapped in ‘death spiral’

The global economy seems trapped in a “death spiral” that could lead to further weakness in oil prices, recession and a serious equity bear market, Citi strategists have warned.

Some analysts — including those at Citi — have turned bearish on the world economy this year, following an equity rout in January and weaker economic data out of China and the U.S.

“The world appears to be trapped in a circular reference death spiral,” Citi strategists led by Jonathan Stubbs said in a report on Thursday.

This sort of thing is usually a signal to buy with both hands.

Consultant Class Miffed at Trump’s Ground Game Strategy
Bill Quick

Donald Trump’s Ground Game Questioned After Iowa Showing – The New York Times

MANCHESTER, N.H. — David Carney, a veteran Republican strategist here, has received six phone calls at his Hancock, N.H., home from Donald J. Trump’s campaign the last few days. But five came after the Trump volunteers were told that the occupants were backing another candidate: Mr. Carney’s wife is Carly Fiorina’s campaign director in the state.

For Mr. Carney, who has often praised Mr. Trump’s message, the wayward calls signaled impressive grass-roots enthusiasm. But they were also a telltale sign of strategic rudderlessness.

“They have a lot of volunteers and they’re proud about that, but volunteers is not a ground game,” said Mr. Carney, who was the top strategist for Rick Perry’s 2012 presidential race and has been deeply involved in studies of how campaigns use information about voters. “They’re basically just picking up the phone book.”

Discerning the strength of any candidate’s ground game can be difficult. Mr. Trump has one key ingredient: an army of volunteers drawn to him by his popularity and his message. But precision counts, as Iowa demonstrated. And what Mr. Trump appears to lack is what could provide that precision: a direct-mail program, a comprehensive targeting effort to identify his supporters and their intensity, and a dedicated pollster to help pinpoint the voters to whom his television ads might appeaI.

Trump’s “terrible” ground game in Iowa turned out the second largest contingent of GOP caucus voters in history.  As Tracy Coyle points out, that’s more than double the number who voted for Santorum and Romney combined four years ago.

Okay, he lost.  And he’ll probably win – and by a solid margin – with his “crappy” ground game in NH.  “Ground games” are constructed by very expensive consultants spending tens of millions of dollars of campaign money while earning millions for themselves.  Maybe Trump doesn’t feel it’s absolutely necessary to turn his entire campaign over to such types. 

We’ll see how that works.

How They Do It
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » A SMALL CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY: Kolbe v. Hogan: 4th Circuit requires strict scrutiny for Maryland ban…

In a 2-1 decision written by Chief Judge Traxler, the Fourth Circuit held that strict scrutiny is the proper standard of review for bans on common arms, such as those at issue in Kolbe. The case was remanded to the district court, which had applied the wrong standard, namely a weak version of intermediate scrutiny.”

So, the lower court will rehear the case, claim to apply “strict scrutiny,” and reach exactly the same outcome.  What then?

Poor Baby: Better Go Hire A Few More Lawyers Right Away! And a PR Person, of Course
Bill Quick

Donald Trump Tried To Bully GOP Consultant-She Fights Back With Attorney

Trump made his claim that Ms. Jacobus was lying on Ground Hog day, his campaign manger claimed that Cheri begged them for a job on the Morning Joe program the week before. His lie and the story of Cheri Jacobus’ two meetings with Trump’s Campaign Mgr. Corey Lewandowski was covered in a 1/27 post,  “Trump Camp Told Her They Were Confident From Start They Had Ailes In The Bag

Donald Trump has shown time and again that he is a very powerful man who uses his power to bully others even if it means lying (as the evidence above proves). Cheri Jacobus is a woman who refuses to be bullied and should be congratulated for her legal action.

Jeff Dunetz is a hysterical, moronic liar.  Trump didn’t “bully” this woman.  He made a claim about her – that she’d begged him for a job.  Of course, Dunetz is simply following the GOPe TDS roadmap that say the way to “defeat Trump” is to portray him as a “bully of the little people.”

So, of course, this female political hack, who has the money to hire a lawyer to threaten Trump over a statement from him she doesn’t agree with, is an ordinary little person.

Because Both Islam and Communism Approve of the Notion?
Bill Quick

Do we need to talk about Obama’s $10-per-barrel oil tax proposal? « Hot Air

What’s Obama’s game here? Is it just a pander demagoging “Big Oil” that assumes voters don’t understand how taxes work? Is he laying down a “legacy” marker so that historians can say he gave it the ol’ college try on raising revenue for infrastructure spending and clean energy? Is he just pranking Sanders and Clinton by forcing them to explain to voters why recapturing the average joe’s small savings on gas for the federal leviathan is worth doing? It’s one thing to take a political risk when the policy is worthwhile and has a chance of passing. Why do it when it doesn’t?

My guess is that he’s doing it because it is communist dogma that everything is for the dictatorship of the proletariat, and nothing outside the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Today’s Indicators
Bill Quick

It feels as if a lull is occurring. I don’t sense much of the frenzy going into NH that I did in the final days before Iowa.

And there’s not a heck of a lot to report today. Here’s the UMass/7News (Tracking) Poll for NH, which I like to use because it gives you a nice snapshot of the jostling among the candidates from day to day:

About the only change of note is that Marco Rubio is now edging out Ted Cruz for the show spot, though Trump leads him by 21 points with three days to go.  Oh, one other welcome note:  Fat Boy Christie is sliding again, and so is John “I Wanna Be Somebody’s Veep” Kasich.

All the other indicators I follow show Trump heavily favored for the win in NH.  PredictIt has him at 74% – 26% over Rubio.  The witch models at 538 are, respectively, polls-only, 77% – 11% over Rubio, and the polls-plus shows him at 66% – 19% over Rubio.

In short, hardly anybody thinks that Trump won’t take NH easily, (even the Hot Gassers), and most of the current speculation centers on who, if anybody, will drop out in the wake of his victory (and their defeat), who will emerge as the coveted “establishment candidate” who will consolidate the 20% vote share he’ll end up with, and how much will a Trump win influence his showing in South Carolina?

All good questions, but apparently most people think this NH horse race is pretty much over, and I expect just as much energy will go into downplaying the Trump win as was pushed into boosting the Cruz Iowa victory.

Which means South Carolina could be even more crucial this year.