The Bank For the Little Guys
Bill Quick

Export-Import Expiration — Jobs Predictions Not Coming True | National Review Online

I imagine that the company’s executives are also outraged and a little bit stunned that this time around, its massive lobbying effort ($69 million since 2012, according to the New York Times) hasn’t produced the usual large returns. So expect the company to continue beating the drum about all the terrible consequences the end of Ex-Im will have on its bottom line and the welfare of its workers — even though nothing is likely to happen and big companies will continue to go about their big company business. But for now, we can take comfort in knowing that this New Deal–era program is still in liquidation.

Here are the poor, feeble US companies “supported” by the Ex-Im Bank:

No wonder John “Donor Class Boner” Boehner and Mitch “Donor Class Bitch” McConnell are in such a lather to get the thing reapproved.

Oh, and just for drill:

Donald Trump’s Policy Views — Are They Getting a Little More Serious? | National Review Online

Ex-Im: He called it “feather bedding,” something that benefits just politicians and a “few companies” that could “do well without it,” and “really not free enterprise.” This is all quite correct — and those who worry Trump’s close ties to big business and fluency with obtaining favors from government (hello, eminent domain) can be a little more confident that he’ll be pro-market, not pro-business.

Bet you didn’t know that Trump opposed the Ex-Im Bank renewal, did you?

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Site Notes: Bunch of Mis-Dated Posts
Bill Quick

I’d scheduled a bunch of posts last night, but in the date switch from August to September, my blog editor re-dated them to October.  I just fixed it, so they all now appear.  The first one is at 5:30 AM today. 

Scroll back to read them.

Site Notes: Bunch of Mis-Dated Posts
Bill Quick

I’d scheduled a bunch of posts last night, but in the date switch from August to September, my blog editor re-dated them to October.  I just fixed it, so they all now appear.  The first one is at 5:30 AM today. 

Scroll back to read them.

No Nation or Culture Is Better Than Any Other – Check Your Damned Privilege!
Bill Quick

Barbarism: In Northern Rural Indian Village, Two Young Girls Are Sentenced by a Council of Elders To be Raped As Punishment For Their Brother Running Off With a Married Woman From a Higher Caste

So the village council of wise men has come up with a great compromise that satisfies all parties — the 23 and 15 year old sisters are sentenced to be raped, then paraded through the town naked.

Oh, and if this isn’t offensive enough, they’ll be in blackface when paraded naked through town.

This story adds a couple of details — they’re not just sentenced to be raped, but to be repeatedly gang-raped (I guess the council of wise men couldn’t decide who’d get to do the raping, so they decided they all would join in).

The 23 year old has petitioned the Indian Supreme Court for protection. You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but these backwards-ass barbarians apparently have a lot of autonomy in their stupid, primitive tribal “justice” systems.

What this proves to me is that Western civilization is corrupt and awful and that we have to learn to appreciate the cultural contributions of undocumented Americans living in remote Indian villages.

How dare Donald Trump stand up for American Exceptionalism!  What a clown!  What a buffoon!

GOP Donor Politics As a Second Language
Bill Quick

The anti-Trump angst grows – The Washington Post

They do not believe Trump will be the nominee, but high hopes for a deep, quality field have not been met. In particular, they are worried that Trump’s embrace of “nativism” will doom the party if mimicked by others.

Let me translate that for you:  They are drenching their drawers over the fact that the 17-candidate clownshow they so carefully constructed to grease Jeb!’s path to the nomination with only 20-25% of the overall vote has been not just crushed by the advent of Trump, but that Trump has coopted their entire strategy and turned it to guaranteeing his own victory with similar metrics.

Oh, and “nativism.”  What that means is, “Thanks to Trump, they’re on to us now, and our amnesty scam is going up in smoke!”

Good to see that Jennifer “Bimbo” Rubin is still enthusiastically swallowing dick-tation from her GOP donor-class owners, though.

One More Time: Donald Trump Is Not a Gun Grabber, and Ben Domenech Is a Lying Hack
Bill Quick

Donald Trump Hangs The Elephant

Trump’s support is solid despite the simple fact of his policy positions in favor of higher taxes, gun restrictions….”

I hope Ben is well-paid for his unstinting work in semaphoring out the dicktation choked down his guzzle by his donor-class owners.  That said, one more time, he’s lying about Trump being a gun-grabber:

» Donald Trump Talks: Gun Control, Assault Weapons, Gun Free Zones & Self Defense Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

AmmoLand: Karl Rove recently voiced support for a repeal of the Second Amendment as a way to stop gun violence. What do you think of this suggestion or, as our readers believe, is it a God given right that can not be repealed by politicians?

Donald Trump:

“Karl Rove is a proven loser. He wasted $400 million in 2012 and did not win a single race.

“The Second Amendment is a bedrock natural right of the individual to defend self, family, and property.  It is a ridiculous notion to ever repeal it.”

“For Rove to even think it shows a lack of respect for all of the freedoms in our Constitution and a complete ignorance of our shared American inheritance.”

Rove is, of course, a big backer of Jeb! Bush, and a mainstay of the GOP Donor Class that owns the party establishment.  Read the whole link, by the way – if only the rest of the GOP’s candidates were as staunch in their own support of the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

More Trump:  At the NRA

The Real Conservatives of Hot Gas World
Bill Quick

Let the attack ads begin: New Jeb Bush ad hits Trump for being a fake conservative « Hot Air

Trump is a fake conservative and Jeb’s not the only candidate who’ll end up making sure that voters know it.

Define “real conservative” for me, Mister Hot Gasser.

Is it Mike Hucksterbee and his big government welfare state?

Is it Rick Santorum and his theocratic welfare state?

Is it Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and their open borders America?

Is it Rand Paul and his somewhat garbled and opportunistic Liberetarianism?

Is it Ben Carson’s socon certainties mixed in with basic misunderstandings of things like the Second Amendment?

Is it Scott Walker’s weathervaning scrambling?

Or is it Donald Trump’s First Things approach which says I will stand up for America and Americans. I will put them first. I will defend them against all enemies, domestic and foreign. And I will make America great again.

That last seems at least as “conservative” an approach to me as anything your “real conservatives” have on offer.

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With Trump, Every Problem Represents An Opportunity
Bill Quick

GOP Elite Charts Four Paths to Destroy Trump – Bloomberg View

Every major Republican presidential campaign, and every allied super-PAC, confronts the same question at their morning strategy meetings: What do you do with a problem like Donald Trump?

In a nutshell:  The elites see Trump as a problem.  But his supporters see him as an opportunity.

They’re both right.

He’s an opportunity to destroy the elite choke-hold on the Republican Party.

The Bleak Magic of the Hot Meat Solution For Social Security
Bill Quick

Lindsey Graham Questions Virility of New Hampshire Man

“If you don’t have a baby boom of 60-year-olds, you better supplement your labor force because we’re running out of workers,” Graham said in his familiar stump speech. “So, the demographics of the baby-boom retirement require us to improve the immigration system that’s completely broken … and it requires us to adjust the age of retirement and means test benefits to save the country from becoming Greece.”

I’m surprised Graham is saying so baldly what most of us understand is one of the real reasons the Ruling Party is so united on the matter of importing tens of millions of immigrants, by hook or by crook, into America.  (Into Europe, too.)

They believe in Hot Meat Magic – that if you just get enough warm bodies into the country, and encourage them all to fuck as much as possible, you will eventually wind up with a population large and productive enough to string out the Ponzi Scheme entitlement system long enough to bury the Baby Boomers who will shortly be subjecting it to enormous, even existential stresses.

Unfortunately, these new “immigrants” aren’t all that economically productive, no matter how reproductive they may be.  As a group, they put more financial stress on the overall system than they alleviate, because as a group they are net takers of governmental largesse.

And since government money is fungible throughout the entire system, the share going to Jose and Maria’s welfare programs is not available to fund Grampy Boomer’s Social Security and Medicare programs.

In other words, Grahamnesty is a suicidal dumbass.  But we already knew that, right?

Some Men Get Gender Changes. PajamaBoy Bush Is Looking at an Identity Change
Bill Quick

Will Mitt Romney Jump In? | | Observer

There is on the edge of the spectrum a thought awakening that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who ran for President in 2008 and 2012, might get back in the race. It comes naturally to think so. Before the race got seriously underway Mr. Romney met with Jeb Bush to consider their fates. Mr. Romney’s wife Ann went so far back then as to suggest on Cavuto that If Jeb ran, Mitt would stay out, as they both represented a similar center of establishment principles and would appeal to the same donor base.

I’ve got a better idea.  Just change Jeb!’s name to Mittens Romneycare.  That should be enough to fool the boobs and rubes into supporting him.

Look Out Below: Three
Bill Quick

^DJI: 16,209.84 -318.19 (-1.93%) : Dow Jones Industrial Average – Yahoo! Finance

Looks like the DJIA’s reflex rally is over.

This would be a third wave down, (first big drop, reflex rally, third wave plunge).  Third waves tend to be the longest and strongest of the overall movement.

History Lessons: Those Who Fail to Heed Are Doomed to Repeat
Bill Quick

Armed Black Panthers to Texas Cops: ‘We Will Start Creeping Up on You in the Darkness’

HOUSTON, Texas – Armed Black Panther members marched in front of the Waller County jail and shouted, “You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness.”

I’d like to add a Black Panther datapoint I think may be relevant to the discussion:

File:Fred Hampton dead body.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Black Panther Raid and the death of Fred Hampton – Chicago Tribune

About 4:45 a.m., Sgt. Daniel Groth knocked on the front door. When there was no answer, he knocked with his gun. The next seven minutes of gunfire became one of the most hotly disputed incidents of the turbulent 1960s. After the shooting stopped, Illinois Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, 21, and a party leader from Peoria, Mark Clark, 22, were dead.

Just saying.

Since we’re talking about creeping up in the darkness.

One To Go?
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » AN EARTH-SHATTERING KABOOM: Blast Seen in Chemical Industry Zone in Shandong, Daily Reports….

Moscow Rules – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.

Rand: Flailing
Bill Quick

“I’ll put them in camps”: Rand Paul mocks GOP field for hardline rhetoric towards illegals « Hot Air

Two: With his campaign in deep trouble among the sort of mainstream conservatives he’s spent the last few years trying to woo, Rand’s decided to embrace his dad’s base and hope that libertarians will carry him back into contention.

They won’t.  They never put his dad in contention for anything, and they won’t him, either.

Fake Conservatism May Crack: Patriots Who Love America Won’t
Bill Quick

The Coming Conservative Crackup? | The Daily Caller

Does the rise of Donald Trump signal the end of conservatism as we know it? It’s premature to write the obituary, but one has to wonder if the patient isn’t terminally ill.

Generally speaking, the modern conservative movement in America has represented three wings, loosely defined as a) classical liberals/libertarians/fiscal conservatives, b) social conservatives, and c) national security/foreign policy/defense hawks.

Philosophically speaking, at least two of the three wings (fiscal and social conservatives) have every reason to oppose Trump, and the third wing (national defense hawks) should probably favor Marco Rubio or Lindsey Graham.

Matt Lewis is, and always has been, a reliable hack for the GOP establishment and its donor class, as is the rag for which he writes – the Daily Caller, established and funded by Tucker Carlson and Dick Cheny – both establishment to the core.

So it’s no wonder that he so badly, and so wonkishly, misunderstands the beating heart of conservatism:  Conservatives love America.  They believe America is exceptional.  They believe in the American Dream.  They are patriots.  That want America to be great.

It doesn’t matter whether they are socons or lib-fisc-cons or hawk-cons, they love their country enough to support keeping it strong, defending it against all enemies both foreign and domestic, and especially against those who would remake it into some foreign utopian image inmical to our history, traditions, and framing documents.

Rubio and Bush, who wish to destroy our already tattered borders for personal and party gain, cannot be said to love America any more than can Barack Obama, who also wants to fundamentally transform it for similar reasons.

The establishment GOP, whose only interest is appeasing its donor class by doing the bidding of globalist crony capitalists, no matter what damage that does to America and the American citizenry, is likewise no lover of country.

Nor are those who support the enemies of those who love our country by word and deed.

But I suspect that in the circles in which Lewis moves, love of America, patriotism, and the overwhelming desire to restore greatness to a once-great nation is viewed as chumpian jingoism for bitter-clinging flyover boobs and bubbas, certainly not anything on which to base a political campaign.  Or anything that would garner respect or admiration in the effete drawing rooms where Matt sips his simpleberry martinis (straight up, gently stirred, and kissed lightly by the bartender before serving) while sneering at the whole repulsive patriot pack.

He doesn’t get Trump because he doesn’t get anybody who simply loves their country and wants to see it doing better than it has these past many years under the Oligarchy for which he labors so diligently.

I doubt he ever will, either.


Huh? Say What?
Bill Quick

The appeal of Trump: Why immigration may be the defining issue of the 21st century


Trump’s Rise Is Not Mainly Due To His Immigration Position | The Daily Caller

He’s sure got them spinning in circles and snapping at their own tails, doesn’t he?

That’ll Show Trump Who’s The Boss Here
Bill Quick

Jeb Bush Responds to Trump’s ‘Act of Love’ Video, Attacks Instead – Breitbart

GOP presidential candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is responding to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s video posted Monday on Instagram mocking Bush’s characterization of illegal immigration as an “act of love.”

Bush posted on Twitter:

Yeah, I can’t imagine a more crushing response. Well, not from PajamaBoy Bush, at least. I’ll bet this got his loyal GOP army of 5% tingling in their Depends, though. (Or should that be “tinkling?”)

They’ll Ignore This Like They Ignore Everything Else From the World of Real Science
Bill Quick

German Physicists: Late 20th Century Warming “Nothing Unusual” | Power Line

As regular readers know, a battle over global warming hysteria is raging among scientists, and the alarmists are consistently getting the worst of it. German scientists Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, Alexander Hempelmann and Carl Otto Weiss have published two influential studies in the European Geophysical Union journal. The first, published in 2013, examined the past 250 years of climate history. The second, published earlier this year, extended the research through the past 2,500 years.

Their findings are consistent with the main currents of modern climate science (as opposed to climate politics):

The analysis of the past 2500 years involved data from tree rings, sediment cores, stalagmites, etc. A plot of the data yields a climate operating with cyclic behavior.

Compared to the maxima and minima of the past, the current minima and maxima show that there is nothing unusual happening today. The scientists say today’s temperature changes are within the normal range. The German authors write: “Especially the 20th century shows nothing out of the ordinary.”

For better or worse, these scientists argue that global cooling is likely during the next 60 years:

The German scientists write that one result of the well established cyclic behavior over the past 2500 years is that it is justified to assume that the De Vries / Suess solar cycle will continue in the future.

They write that this means that “global cooling is to be expected over the next 60 years (Figure 3)”.

This might have some bearing if the debate didn’t mostly involve cargo-cult junk science hacks and a mob of politcal vultures battening on their delusional religious beliefs.

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Black Charles Mansons Run and Hide
Bill Quick

Texas Podcast that Called for Killing Cops Goes Missing After Execution

Other people who were discussed in Friday’s Breitbart Texas article also appear to have gone silent on the topic. The #FYF911 tag on Twitter reveals no new posts from the black activists who had previously been using the hashtag to put out their hate-filled content. The hashtag on Twitter now reveals other people attacking them for their messages of hate.

Huh.  Apparently they are reconsidering that Black on White race war they are working so hard to start.

Chickenshit Charlie Manson wannabes.


Christopher Caldwell Doesn’t Much Like Trump, But He Does Seem to Get a Part of His Appeal
Bill Quick

What’s the Deal with Trump? | The Weekly Standard

Candidates Jeb Bush and Rand Paul have fallen into this misunderstanding, treating Trump as a “fake conservative,” as if he were running for chairman of the Republican party. So have George Will and virtually everyone who writes for National Review. “Trump,” writes Daniel Foster, “is sucking the most talented GOP presidential field in a generation down the gaping event horizon that is his huge mouth.” This is dubious. The GOP may have talent, but it has squandered the trust that might win it the country’s permission to do anything with it. For almost two decades Republican leaders have been asking a country with which they have lost touch to be content with words. Since the Tea Party rebellion of 2010, they’ve succeeded, with empty promises, in getting their own dissidents to lay down their arms. For now, there appears to be little that any member of the party establishment can say to hale voters back.

And this:

But his stump speech is improving with every passing week, and the most obvious improvements are those that will appeal to general-election voters, not Republican ones.

All the bleating of the Republican establishment and their hacks aside, Trump is doing exactly what Jeb! claimed he would do:  Win the GOP nomination buy running as if it were the general.

Only Jeb! and his backers were, and are, utterly clueless about what it will take to win either of them.  Which means they are utterly clueless as well about why Trump is just kicking their asses unmercifully.

He Thinks It’s Because They Love Him
Bill Quick

The Anti-Establishment Candidate Challenging Donald Trump –

August 31, 2015 Donald Trump might be leading in the polls, but brain surgeon and Washington outsider Ben Carson is steadily closing in on the Trumpmentum.

As Trump’s bombastic comments on border walls and corporate taxes have dominated the 2016 cycle, Carson appears to be benefiting from living in Trump’s shadow. While Trump makes far-out policy proposals that are meticulously fact-checked by the press, Carson is slowly gaining ground without all the hype.

He’s the “anti-establishment” candidate who is now the selected tool of that very same establishment.

They don’t fear him.  But they will happily use him to attack the man they do fear – and that is Donald Trump.

If they can knock off Trump, they’ll then happily destroy the mild-mannered brain surgeon, who has no idea of the nature of the swamp in which he’s currently swimming.

Michelle: Huh? What?
Bill Quick

Michelle Obama Caught TEXTING During Pledge of Allegiance. Click to see picture. |

While others have their hands over their hearts during the pledge of allegiance, Michelle Obama is on the phone. Texting? Planning her next vacation? Openly showing her disdain for the country?

Well, to be fair, the Obama’s have never had much allegiance to America.  Or Americans.

They’re more in the “God damn America” crowd.

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California’s Growing Pains
Bill Quick

Texas emerges as top destination for Californians fleeing state – Washington Times

Californians fled the state in unprecedented numbers over the last decade, and their primary destination was Texas, according to an analysis issued Monday.

About 5 million Californians departed the Golden State between 2004 and 2013, while 3.9 million arrived from other states for a net population loss of roughly 1.1 million, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday using tax-return data from the Internal Revenue Service.

However, the state’s overall population has continued to rise over that same period.  The growth has come from illegal aliens and their anchor baby offspring.

Absent foreign immigration, both legal and illegal (but primarily illegal), California’s population would have shrunk over the past decade.

Trump: The GOP’s Third-Party Candidate?
Bill Quick

Say It Ain’t Joe | National Review Online

If you hadn’t noticed, both parties are on the defensive right now. The GOP is dealing with Donald Trump, who is essentially running a third party campaign under the GOP’s banner. Everyone understands that.

Actually, they don’t.  But it’s a very interesting notion.

And makes Trump’s candidacy even more interesting – and desirable – in my opinion.

Beating Around the Bush With Ben
Bill Quick

Team Jebs’ Newest Strategy – Push Ben Carson?… | The Last Refuge

As an outcome of accepting this reality, it appears a new plan is in the works to promote an alternative and attempt to split Trump’s coalition.  The most obvious candidate to do this is Ben Carson (next would be Carly Fiorina).

There are numerous signals now becoming visible that Team Jeb (RNC/GOPe) is working to talk up Carson.

Dana Perino, a die-hard Bush loyalist, has been working this angle for several weeks.  Fox news host Megyn Kelly has also been working diligently to promote Carson as a kinder, gentler and more palatable, ie. less vulgarian, option.

Watch the reports and the news cycles closely in the lead up to the next debate September 16th and we will most likely see strong signals of this strategy.  The promotion of Carson will specifically target Trump supporters – it’s doubtful the strategy could work, but depending on the primary state it might be enough to pull Trump down enough to stop the current momentum.

Yes, I assumed it was something like this.  As for strong signals, reliable establishment weathervane Allahpundit is already pushing the party line over at Hot Gas.

Bill Quick

Donald Trump, and the unsettling rise of white identity politics

Where is that leadership? The latter concern is manifested by Black Lives Matter. Trump isn’t yet an expression of the former. But someday somebody smoother than Duke and even more demagogic than Trump will ask where the non-Latino white equivalent of the NAACP or La Raza is. How will the leadership of a 90 percent white GOP answer?

Why is a black or Hispanic pride/power organization ipso facto just fine and dandy, but a white equivalent absolutely beyond the pale without any further consideration?

Or how about this one:  The National Organization for the Advancement of American Citizens.  NOAAC.  Would that also be automatically out of bounds?

I kid.

I know the answer.  Everybody is entitled to their own identity politics, an entitlement that is entirely laudable.  Except white people.

Why is that?

It’s a Guy Thing
Bill Quick

Ohio officer: ‘Direct eye contact’ one reason for ticket –

“I’m not doing nothing, because I have a Michigan plate, other than that why are you trailing me?” Felton said on the recording.

“You made direct eye contact with me and held onto it when I was passing you,” the officer said.

Males have an ingrained threat response to other males who stare at them directly and refuse to look away.

It’s a dominance/submission thing.

Cops are especially prone to it.

“You lookin’ at me, man?”

But It’s A Complete Mystery to Them
Bill Quick

‘Pendulum Factor’ could land Trump in White House | New York Post

The United States is not immune, but the unique culture of American exceptionalism, which Obama never embraced, is alive and well in many hearts. If there is anything most Americans hate more than war, it is seeing the country ­behaving like a weakling and being pushed around.

Trump is scoring as the perceived antidote. You cannot imagine him going to Germany and proclaiming himself a “citizen of the world.” The slogan on his hat says, “Make America Great Again,” and he summarized his message as, “We’re not gonna take it anymore!” Subtle he’s not.

Pat Buchanan, a former GOP presidential candidate, says Trump represents a “new nationalism.”

In truth, Trump’s ideas are as old as the country. He vows that America will not be cowed with him in the White House — and many people obviously believe him.

He talks of building a wall on the southern border and forcing Mexico to pay for it. He talks about deporting illegal immigrants and stopping the waves of “anchor babies.”

He promises to get tough with China, to push back against Putin’s aggression, and to squeeze Iran — and everywhere to negotiate better deals than Obama. Trump would put America first and his bombastic personality helps persuade people he means it.

Just as you can’t imagine Trump echoing Obama’s soft internationalism, you can’t imagine Obama echoing Trump’s muscular nationalism.

That’s not to deny their similarities. Both have thin skins and zero patience for dissent. Obama tries to govern through executive orders and it’s easy to envision a President Trump doing the same. A supporter calls Trump the “Obama for the right.”

If so, the cover of a German magazine that greeted Obama in 2008 also fits Trump. Stern magazine featured Obama’s picture with the words: “Savior — or demagogue?”

The pendulum doesn’t stop in the middle.

Trump says he loves America.  Trump says he will put America and Americans first.  Trump says he will defend America against her enemies.   Trump says he will make America great again.

What’s so hard to understand?

Only a thoroughly corrupt and un-American ruling class would be shocked and amazed at Trump’s appeal.

Accepting Trump
Bill Quick

Donald Trump 2016, setting the GOP agenda

#6. Accept it.

This is the last available option. Stop scheming ways to upend Trump’s campaign and just accept the following: Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. He is not going to be easily thrown off his game. And every day that passes makes it less likely he’ll self-destruct. Toss out the campaign playbook you’ve constructed, and adjust everything accordingly.

Acceptance is hard—not only because it requires a change in thinking. But because acknowledging that Washington politicos can’t stop Trump or control voters’ thinking exposes their declining influence. And that’s what’s really ticked everyone off about Donald Trump.

The Five Stages of Grief:

Kübler-Ross model – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Denial — The first reactions is denial. In this stage individuals believe the diagnosis is somehow mistaken, and cling to a false, preferable reality.
  • Anger — When the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue, it becomes frustrated, especially at proximate individuals. Certain psychological responses of a person undergoing this phase would be: “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; ‘”Who is to blame?”; “Why would this happen?”.
  • Bargaining — The third stage involves the hope that the individual can avoid a cause of grief. Usually, the negotiation for an extended life is made in exchange for a reformed lifestyle. People facing less serious trauma can bargain or seek compromise.
  • Depression — “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to die soon so what’s the point?”; “I miss my loved one, why go on?”
    During the fourth stage, the individual becomes saddened by the mathematical probability of death. In this state, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time mournful and sullen.
  • Acceptance — “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.”; “Nothing is impossible.”

I think we’ll get there.

At the Sharp Point of the Line
Bill Quick

P.F. Chang’s Chef Stabbed To Death In Northshore Mall « CBS Boston

PEABODY (CBS) — A P.F. Chang’s chef is facing a murder charge after allegedly stabbing his co-worker to death at the Northshore Mall in Peabody on Saturday.

Sources told WBZ-TV that a chef stabbed another chef inside the P.F. Chang’s kitchen shortly after 5:30 p.m, just as the dinner rush was getting started.

Jaquan Huston, 23, is charged with first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of 38-year-old Elivelton Dias, of Salem.

Dias was taken to Salem Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Knowing restaurant kitchens the way I do, the only thing I find surprising is that this doesn’t happen more often.

I mean consider the environment: blazing hot temperatures, blazing hot tempers, insane pace of work – and every worker armed with a big, sharp knife.

If Trump Is the Nominee, The RNC Donor Class Will Support Hillary
Bill Quick

Planning the coming “Trump takedown” « Hot Air

The bottom line is that healthy competition is fine. Any candidate who can’t take the heat should get out of the race. But if our GOP powerbrokers continue these sort of attacks well after the nation’s Republican primary voters have begun weighing in on a large scale in a different direction, that’s not just counterproductive… it’s insulting. You may have forgotten what your job actually is in that case. The only people who get to make the final decision are your voters who support and make up the party. If you insist on trying to torpedo their choice after they’ve spoken then you really need to get out of this business and go home.

I’ve said over and over again that the Ruling Donor Class which owns both wings of the Ruling Party never have, and do not now, regard “voters” as being in charge of anything, or able to make any meaningful decisions whatsoever.  Voters are cattle to be moved in whatever direction desired by the application of oceans of money and tsunamis of propaganda. 

And why wouldn’t they think this is true.  It always has been in the past.

Trump may not wind up being the leader for the nomination going into the convention, but at this point you have to concede the possibility that he might be. And if he is, it will be long past the time when you need to stop worrying over “what to do about Trump” and start figuring out how you’re going to get him elected.

I think if he’s the nominee they’ll actively work against him.  After all, Hillary is one of their own.  She would be better for them than Trump.

Jazz probably finds that notion incomprehensible.  But then, Jazz has always been remarkably naive about the world he gives us so much Hot Gas about.