The Day “Jackie” Obama Was Brutally Assaulted In the Soap Aisle At Target
Bill Quick

JustOneMinute: Raaaacism!

LATE UPDATE! Actually, we have more details from Michelle, regaling David Letterman with a feel-good story about oppressive racism, or something (my emphasis):

“That’s my Target run. I went to Target,” she said. “I thought I was undercover. I have to tell you something about this trip though. No one knew that was me because a woman actually walked up to me, right? I was in the detergent aisle, and she said — I kid you not — she said, ‘Excuse me, I just have to ask you something,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, cover’s blown.’ She said, ‘Can you reach on that shelf and hand me the detergent?’  I kid you not.”  

As the audience laughed, she went on, “And the only thing she said — I reached up, ’cause she was short, and I reached up, pulled it down — she said, ‘Well, you didn’t have to make it look so easy.’ That was my interaction. I felt so good. … She had no idea who I was. I thought, as soon as she walked up — I was with my assistant, and I said, ‘This is it, it’s over. We’re going to have to leave.’ She just needed the detergent.”

It was only later she realized she had been the target of a micro-aggression. PTSD can do that to people.

I wonder if any “journalists” have tried to fact-check this too-good-to-be-true story about “Jackie” Obama’s assault at the hands of a vicious rapist, er, racist.

Tor: Probably Not as Secure As You Thought It Was
Bill Quick

Feds used Adobe Flash to identify Tor users visiting child porn sites | Ars Technica

A little more than 16 months ago, word emerged that the FBI exploited a recently patched Firefox vulnerability to unmask Tor users visiting a notorious child pornography site. It turns out that the feds had waged an even broader uncloaking campaign a year earlier by using a long-abandoned part of the open source Metasploit exploit framework to identify Tor-using suspects.

Attackers wield Firefox exploit to uncloak anonymous Tor users

According to Wired, “Operation Torpedo,” as the FBI sting operation was dubbed, targeted users of three darknet child porn sites. It came to light only after Omaha defense attorney Joseph Gross challenged the accuracy of evidence it uncovered against a Rochester, New York-based IT worker who claims he was falsely implicated in the campaign. Operation Torpedo used the Metasploit Decloaking Engine to identify careless suspects who were hiding behind Tor, a free service used by good and bad guys alike to shield their point of entry to the Internet.

The Decloaking Engine went live in 2006 and used five separate methods to break anonymization systems. One method was an Adobe Flash application that initiated a direct connection with the end user, bypassing Tor protections and giving up the user’s IP address. Tor Project officials have long been aware of the vulnerability and strenuously advise against installing Flash.

My working assumption is that there is nothing the feds can’t crack if they really want to.

Green Monday Deal Days at Amazon
Bill Quick

Green Monday Deal Days

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It Is Good to Be King
Bill Quick

“The Lid”: Despite Congressional Ban On Giving Them Taxpayer Money Obama Hired ACORN As Obamacare Navigators

Remember Acorn?  Acorn was been charged or convicted of voter registration fraud in (by my count) 16 different states most of them between 2004-2009 (here is a partial list) . In the DNC Chair’s own state, ACORN tried to register Mickey Mouse.  With all that fraud going on  Congress passed a congressional ban on federal funding for the corrupt group (Defund ACORN Act). But that didn’t stop Obama. Judicial Watch has obtained documents that show a chunk of taxpayer money went to an affiliate serving as an Obamacare “navigator.”

Congress has  no power.  It bartered it away for a mess of boodle.  Only the Executive Emperor has power now.

Since We’re Making Comparisons….
Bill Quick

CBS: Voter ID Laws Are Like Violent Attacks on Blacks at Selma | Media Research Center

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Monday compared the violent, bloody attacks on African Americans during civil rights marches in 1965 to voter ID laws passed by various states in the last few years. Co-anchor Norah O’Donnell talked to Oprah Winfrey, producer/star of the new film Selma. O’Donnell marveled, “…Given the Voting Rights Act, 1965, I went back and looked. Thirteen states have passed more restrictive voter ID laws in the last three years, that states are trying to make it harder to vote.” [MP3 audio here.]

Oh, well, you know…

CBS is sort of like the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda, and O’Donnell quite resembles Joseph Goebbels.

Twice as hard, you fellating, race-pimping turds.

America-Haters Step In It Again
Bill Quick

Pew poll: Majority says CIA interrogation methods after 9/11 were justified, 51/29 | Flopping Aces

I realize we’re throwing a lot of these interrogation polls at you lately but I find them fascinating as a long-running rebuke to elite opinion. Liberals in Congress and their friends in the press have spent the better part of 10 years pressing the point that enhanced interrogation, most notably in the practice of waterboarding, is not merely wrong but un-American.

Ancient, sclerotic lefty politicians like Feinstein and McCain are discovering that they can no longer cause the usual reflexes to jerk on cue.  This is blowing up in their faces, big time.

To quote a guy who actually does have the right take on the issue.

Levin Close to Leaving the GOP
Bill Quick

Mark Levin to the GOP: I AM ONE INCH AWAY FROM LEAVING YOU! » The Right Scoop -

Mark Levin ripped Republicans a new one tonight as he opened his show tonight, saying that he is one inch away from leaving the Republican Party.

He starts in hard, asking Republicans if they think this is a joke, if they think they can just lie to Republicans and conservatives with impunity about defunding Obamacare and fighting Obama’s illegal amnesty.

He points out that Republicans go on and on about an imperial president and his illegal amnesty and they can’t even vote on a point of order challenging Obama.

Levin says the Constitution is in tatters and that the Republican Party doesn’t even realize they’ve ceded their power to Obama.

People are beginning to awaken.

I, on the other hand, have never been a registered Republican in my life.  I vote for them – sometiimes – but they don’t own me, or my vote.  And never will.

25% Off Top-Rated Bluetooth Headsets
Bill Quick

Sale on Best Reviewed Bluetooth Headsets

Wireless headsets are beginning to play a much bigger role in the use of small electronics, especially as some of them – the “phablet phones” become larger and less practical for use as phones on their own. I use a Bluetooth headset with my own Galaxy Note II, for instance.

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Armed Robbery Under Color of Junk Spanish Law
Bill Quick

Spanish publishers move to halt Google News closure | Ars Technica

A lobby group of Spanish publishers has asked the country’s government to stop Google News from being shut down. Last week Google said it would close its news service after Spain introduced new intellectual property laws that would have forced Google to pay royalties for links to news websites.

Now the Association of Editors of Spanish Dailies (AEDE), the same lobby group that campaigned for the new laws to be introduced, is asking the Spanish government to stop Google News from closing.

In a statement issued to The Spain Report, AEDE said that the search giant had not taken “a neutral stance” and said that it was still “open to negotiations with Google.” The new legislation means that aggregator services such as Google News will be charged to show snippets of content from news publishers. Failure to comply could lead to a fine of up to €600,000 ($745,000).

AEDE, apparently concerned about the imminent shuttering of Google News, said it required the intervention of the Spanish authorities to “protect the rights of citizens and companies.” It said that the decision would “undoubtedly have a negative impact on citizens and Spanish businesses.”

Good for Google.  Interesting thought process, though:  the #PayMe crowd wants the state to force Google to remain in business so they can keep on trying to plunder it.

I hope Google stands by its guns, and I hope the wannabe armed robbers rot.

Maybe Boomers Don’t Fly?
Bill Quick

Demand for big planes flat in 2014—Boeing and Airbus both feel the pinch | Ars Technica

Instead, aircraft operators have focused on replacing existing four-engine jumbos with twin-engine jets like the Airbus A330 and Boeing’s 777 and 787. As Jalopnik explains, without additional orders to keep the big four-engine jets in production, Airbus will have to cease production in 2018; Boeing would cease 747 production at approximately the same time.

Odd.  And here I thought we were enjoying a Global Obama Economic Boom.



Plugin Infecting WordPress Sites
Bill Quick

Some 100,000 or more WordPress sites infected by mysterious malware | Ars Technica

The code causes pages to download the malicious payload from hxxp:// Judging from some of the reader comments, some administrators were surprised to find that the sites they oversee were infected. Sucuri’s free site check scanner will detect sites that are actively compromised. Disinfection involves removing malicious code added to a script located at wp-includes/template-loader.php. WordPress admins who use the Slider Revolution plugin should also ensure it’s up to date, but Sucuri noted the difficulty of getting all websites to universally apply the fix.

I use a Securi plugin to try to help keep DP clean, but I just ran their site scanner, and it gave me a clean bill of health as well.