Never Mind, Jake: It’s England
Bill Quick

Britain’s supermarket jihadi: ISIS fighter who plans to ‘bomb the UK’ is unmasked as Morrisons security guard who was arrested on way to Syria – but LET GO by police | Mail Online

A British jihadi who has threatened to ‘bomb the UK’ is today unmasked as a former supermarket security guard – who travelled to wage war in Syria despite being known to police.

Less than two weeks ago, the anonymous extremist known only as ‘Awlaki’ gave an extraordinary interview to the BBC where he boasted about fighting with the terror group Islamic State (IS) and laughed about the beheading of soldiers.

But today The Mail on Sunday can reveal that this fanatical Muslim who claims to ‘hate the UK’ is 27-year-old Omar Hussain, who grew up in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Well, at least he wasn’t out raping little girls.

Oh, wait.  Do we really know that’s true?

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Bill Quick

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The Gods of Global Warming Reveal Feet of Clay – Er, Ice
Bill Quick

Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago…despite Al Gore’s prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now | Mail Online

The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’

Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change.

But seven years after his warning, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012.

To put it another way, an area the size of Alaska, America’s biggest state, was open water two years ago, but is again now covered by ice.

Odd.  I seem to recall being told quite recently that the Arctic ice cap was vanishing. 

Earth Gauge » Tips Archive » Climate Fact: Arctic sea ice is shrinking; Antarctic sea ice is growing – Why?

Apparently some “facts” are more factual than other facts.

Ebola Moving Into African Cities
Bill Quick

It was already the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Now it’s moving into Africa’s cities. – The Washington Post

“We have never had this kind of experience with Ebola before,” David Nabarro, coordinator of the new U.N. Ebola effort, said as he toured Freetown last week. “When it gets into the cities, then it takes on another dimension.”

Ebola has slipped out of the media eye.  This doesn’t mean that it has gone away, though.


No Illegal Alien “Kids” Being Sent Home
Bill Quick

Blog: In the last 6 months, 37,477 illegal immigrant kids released, only 280 deported

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that during the last 6 months, 99% of illegal alien minors who snuck across the border have been released.

How can this be? Our president, who never tells a lie, said many times that the illegal kids couldn’t stay, that they would be sent home.

He’s lying. Next question?

Junk Science
Bill Quick

Feds Still Studying Why Lesbians Are Obese | Washington Free Beacon

Their research found that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and “mostly heterosexual” adolescents exercise one to two hours less a week compared to heterosexuals. The paper also said sexual minorities are 46 to 76 percent less likely to be on a sports team, due to “gender nonconformity and athletic self-esteem.”

Less likely than what?

Playing organized sports in school is an elite activity to begin with, and grows more elite the older you get.  And I further doubt these “scientists” have any idea who is gay and who isn’t in any sporting arena.

When I was in middle school, I lettered in swimming, and I hung with the jocks.  There were a lot of sorta effeminate guys who didn’t play sports because of the shit they’d have to take over their “queer” mannerisms.  All of them, as far as I know, were straight.

OTOH, at least two of my fellow swimmers ended up gay.  The just didn’t act like it or look like it.

Another DC Hack Representing DC Instead of Her Nominal Constituents
Bill Quick

Uh Oh: Mary Landrieu Doesn’t Own a Home in Louisiana – Guy Benson

This is…not what embattled “Louisiana” Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu wanted to read in the Washington Post — which, as it turns out, is her hometown paper:

In Washington, Sen. Mary Landrieu lives in a stately, $2.5 million brick manse she and her husband built on Capitol Hill. Here in Louisiana, however, the Democrat does not have a home of her own. She is registered to vote at a large bungalow in New Orleans that her parents have lived in for many decades, according to a Washington Post review of Landrieu’s federal financial disclosures and local property and voting records

How you gonna keep them down on the farm, once they’ve seen DC?

Waterboarding Is Frightening and Uncomfortablec – It Barely Rises to Torture, However
Bill Quick

Left Goes Ballistic over ISIS Waterboarding of Foley

This, of course, provided headline fodder over at The Huffington Post, where George W. Bush’s anti-terror policies are seen as the cause of every evil befalling mankind. The Post explained, “Waterboarding became perhaps the most notorious method of torture practiced by American interrogators in the years after September 11th.” The rest of the media have fallen into line as well, suggesting that if America had not waterboarded terrorists, James Foley would have been spared waterboarding.


I’ll bet Foley would have much rather been alive and being waterboarded than what the barbarian savages did to him after the upside down showers.

At Amazon: Shaving Equipment and Supplies
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Shaving Equipment, Supplies, and Accessories for Men

Apparently double-edged safety razors – you know, the ones I first butchered my face with as part of the rites of puberty – are now very expensive specialty items. Huh.

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In Which evpick Thinks He Gets Off a Good One
Bill Quick

evpick posted this over in Off-Topic:

Please Post Your Off-Topic and General Interest Items Here | Daily Pundit

Bill Quick is a book writer. He’s in the book-writing business. Let’s say he doesn’t want to write a book for a certain publisher who solicits his services. Let’s also say that Quick’s reasons are not good ones–at least from the perspective of a person on the outside looking in, without full knowledge of Quick’s life and circumstances and bases for judgment. Should the publisher be able to coercely require Quick’s services as book author, on the grounds that Quick is being “discriminatory” to reject him as a customer–as if Quick has no rights in the matter with respect to how to spend his own time and his own life? Should making the wrong decision about what to do with your life and time be grounds for depriving you of the freedom to spend your life and time in accordance with your own judgment?

I respond:

First off, as I’ve already noted, I reject that the single highest good of the entire universe is the liberty to run your own business with absolutely no outside interference.  So I am not a perfect libertarian, and somebody attempting the argument “You are not a good libertarian,” by which they really mean “You are not an unthinking robot swallowing Randian or Libertarian dogma without thought, care, or any input from your own rationality” will find me in full agreement with their criticism, and that will be the end of that “argument.”

That said, let’s take evpick’s argument on its own terms:

1. evpick:  Bill Quick is in the book writing business.

Answer.  Yes.  Yes, I am.

2.  evpick:  Should Bill Quick be able to reject a publisher’s demand that write something for them he does not wish to, or should the publisher be able to force him to write for them?

Answer:  Has Bill Quick entered voluntarily into a business in which his society has required him to write for any and all who demand his services in a lawful manner?  No, no he has not.  (Nor would he as a writer, though he has in other areas – like the restaurant he owned).  So of course he should be able to reject that demand.

The rest is just drivel designed to dress up the central evpick point:  He is either a libertarian or Randian dogmatist, and if the dogma requires him to endorse policies that may result in the destruction of the society in which he lives, he’s fine with that, because belief.  Evpick is a true believer.  This is not intended in a complimentary manner.

Now let us extend the analogy:  Let’s say I incorporate, under the laws of the state of California, a business which sells writing services to the general public.  I obtain a business license, as I am required to do, and I implicitly (or in some cases explicitly) pledge to abide by the local, state, and federal laws applicable to my business.

Then along comes evpick, who informs me that his religion is libertarianism, and he wants me to write a book praising anti-black and anti-gay business discrimination as an unalienable right of doing business in California.  I can legally turn down that project on many grounds:  Lack of skill, lack of time, lack of interest or knowledge, a host of others.  What I cannot do, under the laws I have said I will abide by, turn him down on the basis of his religion, and say, “I’m sorry, I won’t sell my services to you because you are a practitioner of the libertarian religion.”

I know this sort of logic is probably beyond evpick, but I suspect most of the non-true-believers around here may be able to puzzle it out.

It is this voluntary pledge part of the business that most of the hard cores don’t seem to be able to understand.  You don’t pledge to obey the law until you don’t feel like obeying the law.  You pledge to obey the law.  The time to consider your religious or other objections to obeying the law is before you open your business and pledge to obey the applicable laws – not after. 

At that point, your choices are fairly simple:  Obey the law, leave the business, or pay the penalties for your defiance of the law.  Even then, you have the choice to refuse your services.  But you’ll have to refuse them to everybody, because you’ll no longer be in business.

Don’t Run, Ben – Please
Bill Quick

Ben Carson Says: ‘I Won’t Become A Politician’ | The Daily Caller

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is continuing to hint that he will run for president in 2016, though pledges that if elected he won’t become a “politician” in the traditional sense.

Please, Ben. Don’t run. You seem to be a good man, but you have absolutely zero chance of winning. All you can do is mess up the GOP candidate who does run.

Back to School Deals on Computers, Tablets, and Accessories
Bill Quick

Back to School Deals in Computers and Accessories

Yeah, it’s that time of year again. Time to pony up for the little (and not so little) nippers. Remember when some #2 pencils, a couple of lined notebooks, a three ring binder, and a backpack were enough to see them through?

Now they need more computing power than was available in the entire world when I was a kid in order to graduate unable to read, write, or do arithmetic properly.

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Doubling Down On Dumbass Will Get You Fired
Bill Quick

Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Manager Resigns | The Daily Caller

McConnell’s hiring of Benton was widely viewed as smart move to attract Paul’s supporters in the state.

But Benton famously caused trouble for the campaign after audio surfaced of him saying he was just “holding his nose” to get McConnell elected before he could focus on Rand Paul’s 2016 campaign.

“Between you and me, I’m sort of holding my nose for two years because what we’re doing here is going to be a big benefit to Rand in ’16, so, that’s my long vision,” Benton said in the recording.

He didn’t resign, he got canned. And I hope Rand Paul doesn’t take him back. He’s apparently too stupid, and too much of a loose cannon, to be involved in a professional political campaign.

You Wouldn’t Understand – It’s a Muslim Thing
Bill Quick

Saudi king warns West will be jihadists’ next target – Yahoo News

“You see how they (jihadists) carry out beheadings and make children show the severed heads in the street,” he said, condemning the “cruelty” of such acts.

Beheadings at ‘record levels’: Saudi Arabia executes dozens in deadly August

Uh huh.