Support DP

You can help support Daily Pundit without it costing you so much as one thin dime.

If you shop at, use the following link to log on to Amazon:

Or if you shop at (Amazon Canada), use this link to log on to Amazon Canada: Amazon Canada

You can easily add these links to your favorites list on your browser by right-clicking it and then selecting "Add to favorites" (for Internet Explorer) or "Bookmark this link" (for Mozilla Netscape).

Every time you buy something from Amazon or Amazon Canada using these links, a small percentage of your purchase will be credited to Daily Pundit as a commission by Amazon.

The way it works is if you click through this link, anything you add to your shopping cart (not wish list) over the next 24 hours and then purchase within 90 days will be credited to my commission account. After 24 hours, you need to click through my link again for me to get credit for your new purchases.

This is why I recommend that you add my link to your favorites as your link to Amazon. It takes you directly to the main page, just as a simple link would do, but I get the credit for what you buy. And just so you know, any Amazon link you click on this site will have the same 24 hour commission effect.

Thanks very much. Bit by bit, it does add up! And it is greatly appreciated.