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The Micro-Dwellings of Hong Kong — re:form — Medium

When I speak with Gary Chang, the Hong Kong architect is busy preparing to give a talk on micro-dwellings at a conference in Singapore. This is routine for Chang, who gained a measure of internet fame recently when a video tour of his “transformer home” hit YouTube.

The 360-square foot apartment can be morphed into some two dozen different configurations with sliding panels mounted on ceiling tracks. Slide one panel to reveal a kitchen as tight and tidy as a ship’s galley, slide another to open a laundry room, lift a tabletop to uncover a spa full-size bathtub. “So the idea is almost like a time-based design,” explains Chang in the video, “Instead of me moving from one room to the other, I don’t move, actually, the home moves for me.”

This is already a thing in NYC, by the way:

Micro-Dwellings : Curbed NY

New York’s obsession with teeny-tiny apartmentsnever ends, and now there’s a 76-page report to back it up—well, to argue that we could use even more of them.

I expect to see the movement start to hit San Francisco hard starting about…now.

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