Amnesty International’s Selective Outrage
Bill Quick

Amnesty International director: Use of tear gas in Ferguson ‘clear violation of human rights’ « Hot Air

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri is already historic. In a first of its kind development, the human rights watchdog Amnesty International has deployed a team of observers in the United States. The 13-person delegation arrived last week and, on Tuesday, Amnesty International Executive Director Steven Hawkins revealed his findings. Disturbingly, he determined that the police in Ferguson were complicit in a “violation of human rights standards.” Their infraction: The flagrant use of … tear gas?

So…do you think the fucktard America-haters at Scamnesty International will find the barbaric slaughter of James Wright Foley in Iraq a “violation of human rights standards?”

Yep.  As I suspected – not one single word about Foley on their front page, as of 9:05 PM, 8/19/14.

Probably not.  They know better than to piss off the jihadis.

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