Michael Jackson Defender Reverses Story, Says That Jackson Did Repeatedly Molest Him
Bill Quick

Wade Robson: Michael Jackson raped and molested me | Page Six

I have never for one moment stopped believing the Michael Jackson was a loathsome, disgusting pedophile who used his money and power to victimize hundreds of young children, and to keep himself out of jail whenever evidence of his depredations surfaced.

I know, I know, SteveF:  Call me a racist.

Bill Quick

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Michael Jackson Defender Reverses Story, Says That Jackson Did Repeatedly Molest Him — 4 Comments

  1. Ok he has a lot of young boys over to parties at Neverland. Because he likes children. Then he gets accused of molestation which he says was an unjust accusation and just a blackmail scheme. He pays up out of court in exchange for the accusers silence. Well there have been stars railroaded before. However, anybody sane would avoid placing themselves in this situation again. He didn’t. I always concluded he had this perversion and rather than seek help and control it he decided he liked the “pay to make it go away” strategy better. So I couldn’t agree with your tags for this post more. Plus probably a few stronger ones at that.

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