Cooking bleg: Tongue Destroyer Edition

How would you arrange foods to maximize the pain and repulsiveness in an eating contest?

I know a little about arranging courses or dishes to cleanse or soothe the palate after a strong dish. How would you do the opposite, like having someone eat very spicy peppers and then eat something else to make the burn worse?

Aside from outraging the tongue, what about maximizing stomach upset? I guess you could have someone drink baking soda in water and then drink vinegar, but is there a more subtle synergy that would cause upset? (And check it out: I used “synergy” appropriately, not shoehorning it in like business babblers still do.)

And what about just plain disgustingness (by normal American standards)? Should you have the sauteed bugs right after the raw eggs or should there be an innocuous item in between?

This question is inspired by a description of an “iron stomach” contest I read. There were the hot peppers and the eggs and the pint of lemon juice and what-not, but they were arranged haphazardly, or so it seemed to me. So I got to wondering how you could arrange the items so that even the most iron of stomachs would be regretting it by the end of the contest. It’s just idle curiosity, though I can’t promise I won’t use any knowledge gleaned in writing a story sometime in the future. For that matter, I can’t promise I won’t put the knowledge to use if I should find myself catering a meal for the National Press Club.

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    • Exhibit A for how my mind works: I honestly can’t figure out what’s to be in awe of here. It seems a reasonable goal, if you’re going to put on an iron stomach contest, to make it as challenging as possible. And it seems perfectly reasonable that if knowledge exists of how to arrange foods to minimize discomfort, then it should be an easy step to arrange them to maximize discomfort.

      So, step-by-step reasoning behind my post. Nothing to be in awe of.