Chait: Predictable Hack
Bill Quick

Chait: Benghazi Investigations ‘One Notch More Respectable than Birtherism’ | Mediaite

He said that the “discourse” on the right about the deadly 2012 attack is “one notch more respectable than birtherism”

And Chait is one notch more respectable than a street-corner crack whore going down on Daddy’s candy stick, as he raises his head from Obama’s lap to spit out the usual, um, drivel.


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Chait: Predictable Hack — 2 Comments

  1. Right, and the same thing with the ginned-up hooraw over Monicagate. Who cares if Clinton lied in court, or if Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate showing he’s an American citizen, or there was some discussion of what message to give to the media a few years ago. It’s just not important. It’s not like anyone died or anything, so get a grip!