This Is Sort of Epic, Actually
Bill Quick

Steve Ballmer passes Bill Gates as Microsoft’s largest shareholder | The Verge

The man who built Microsoft is no longer its largest shareholder. After selling off 4.6 million shares on April 30th, Bill Gates is now positioned behind former CEO Steve Ballmer as the company’s largest stakeholder. Ballmer owns 333.2 million shares of Microsoft, a massive stockpile acquired during his 33-year tenure in Redmond. Gates, on the other hand, now has 330.1 million shares. The co-founder has been regularly offloading his ownership in the company over the years and using a large percentage of those earnings to back philanthropic efforts.

The giants are fading.


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This Is Sort of Epic, Actually — 3 Comments

  1. If I calculate correctly that means that his MSFT stake is worth $13 Billion. Forbes just named him at #1 with a net worth of $76 Billion.

    Sounds more like he’s been selling his losers and investing elsewhere for a couple of decades.

    • Yes. He’s doing even better than that, depending on how Forbes is calculating his foundation’s wealth – is it his personal money, or the foundation’s money?

      IOW, he’s donating half a billion a year, while at the same time expanding his personal money by at least that much, generally more.