Step one…buy televisions. Step three…profit.

If you look at this graph, you will note at least one interesting factoid…televisions have fallen over one hundred percent in price.

Logic therefore tells us that the way to profit is to go pick up multiple televisions and just wait for that sweet money to flow directly into your pocket.

I’m the dumbass that worked for a living. What a waste.


Step one…buy televisions. Step three…profit. — 3 Comments

  1. For a long time, the government’s message has been:

    You are much better off now than you ever were, and this is because of our tireless efforts. We are working for you and will keep working for you for as long as you better well elect us if you know what is good for you.

    Keep in mind, whenever you think of it, that you are not smart enough to know when you are better off. No matter what you may think, we are telling you that you are better off. We have the statistics to prove it, and you have trouble doing addition.

    3 million people in government, including a whole team of scientists, just can’t be wrong. Patriotism. Solidarity. Working man.

  2. …televisions have fallen over one hundred percent in price.

    So…that means, if I go over to Best Buy, I can pick out the one I want, say “Pretty-please, can you just get me one of these out of the back, and I’ll take it on out to my car”, and I can just, like, wave to the cashier – maybe say something like “Have a good ‘un!” – on the way out the door?…

    Somehow – I don’t think that would end well…