The Late, Great Corpse of California
Bill Quick

Break Up the Golden State? by Troy Senik and John Yoo, City Journal 2 May 2014

Though many of Draper’s criticisms have merit, his broader indictment of the state as “ungovernable” — a fashionable cliché among those concerned with reforming state government—doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Texas, for example, is physically larger than the Golden State and is its closest rival for population size; according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it has an identical proportion of Hispanic residents (38.2 percent). Yet no one is declaring Texas—one of the nation’s great economic success stories in recent years—irredeemably flawed. California is certainly badly governed, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ungovernable.

Exactly.  California is only “ungovernable” when its government consists of unbreakable Democrat majorities enjoying absolute power, which behave less like a government and more like a ravening horde of looters and wreckers.

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