Avik Roy Tells GOP To Lie Back, Spread Its Legs, and Enjoy It
Bill Quick

Are ‘Repeal and Replace’ and ‘Reform’ for Obamacare Interchangeable? | National Review Online

Remember also that any replace plan will require the consent of 60 members of the United States Senate (as would any other type of reform).

No.  It would (could) require precisely as many votes as are now needed in the Senate to advice and consent to certain Presidential appointments – 51.

But that would require a GOP willing to fight as hard and tough as the Democrats, so Roy is probably right.  Even though his advice will consign the GOP to permanent second-class status, but many of them seem perfectly okay with that.

BTW, is say everything you need to know that the likes of Avik Roy are more than welcome at NRO, but John Derbyshire, Mark Steyn, and Mark Levin are not.

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