Could We Like See Some Evidence of This?
Bill Quick

Attorney: 3rd party leaked recording of Sterling

LOS ANGELES (AP) — An attorney representing the woman Donald Sterling was talking to when he made racist remarks said Thursday that the hour-long conversation was taped by mutual agreement last September and provided to a friend for safekeeping, who then leaked it to TMZ.

V. Stiviano sent two snippets of the conversation, recorded in her Los Angeles duplex, to a friend who released them without her permission, lawyer Siamak Nehoray said. He would not identify the friend.

Sure.  This sounds perfectly reasonable.


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Could We Like See Some Evidence of This? — 1 Comment

  1. Y’know, that whole thing with Sugar-Daddy Sterling and his li’l darlin’ and the NBA and everything is kinda, sorta amusing to watch and all that, I suppose, but personally I’m really having difficulty giving even a small fart about any of it. Even as idle background entertainment, it has, for me, about the same degree of interest as, say, the stuff that occasionally sticks inside the bottom of my trash dumpster; i.e., grunge that I could pay some attention to if the need arose, but otherwise not, ’cause…what for?

    I guess I’d really rather expend my attention on something that’s at least sorta relatively-useful, like…what is Madonna’s favorite color, really? – or…does my cat actually know the difference between Saturday and Sunday? – or matters of similar import…

    I will admit, I do like the fact that, apparently, Sterling has lawyered-up and gone after the NBA Arrogants-That-Be on the issues of his club-ownership and their attempted fines and such – that bunch seems long overdue for a good, solid legalistic smackin’-around, and ol’ Donald appears to have sufficiently deep pockets to deliver same. That’s about the only part that looks like it might be worth paying any real attention to, though…