Rubio: Still Dead To Me
Bill Quick

Marco Rubio quietly sets the stage for a 2016 campaign |

Rubio and his political team are executing a different strategy, one they believe best positions the senator for long-term success should he decide to run for president.

The former Florida House speaker, just four months into his fourth year in Congress, has avoided travel to the early primary states. He isn’t busy jockeying for position. Rather, he has quietly focused on building a political organization that would serve as the basis for a presidential campaign, burnishing his policy and legislative resume, and honing the Image of the sort of consensus Republican who historically has captured the GOP nomination.

Who has “historically captured the GOP nomination,” and then lost to the Democrat in the general.

Rubio will attempt to blot the huge disqualification on his record, his authoring and support of scamnesty legislation, by loudly voting against the Boehner/Reid Great Scamnesty bill of 2014 later this summer.  Which won’t matter to the passage of the bill, because it will be passed by unanimous Democrats and safe or turncoat Republicans like John McCain (another “consensus Republican nominee” who got his ass kicked in the general).

I’m sticking with Ted Cruz, from start to finish.


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