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So I went to Ravencon over the weekend and it was much fun. RES, Laura M., CACS, physics geek and some people who read this blog incognito, as well as Speaker, Kate, Dave Pascoe and his lovely wife came out and hung out with me, which means my horrible sense of being exposed to strangers was gone, and I felt all warm and fuzzy, like a family reunion.

So, how much fun was it, PG?


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Physics Geek Went to the Con — 4 Comments

  1. Actually, it was a lot of fun. Hadn’t been to a Con in years (3 small children) and so it was a real treat. Got to meet Sarah and Mike Williamson who, umm, likes to stay up late and party like I did in my twenties. One of the Baen Barflies said “Mike is an asshole, but we’ve come to an understanding.” I didn’t see that specifically, but he does like to opine on stuff quite vigorously. He was also pretty gracious when I interrupted him so that he’d sign my book.

    Also had some friends who spent the weekend in the game room. They had some games I liked, some I hadn’t played in years and some that made me go “Huh?”

    As an aside, Cons are one of the few places where I and my friends can look around and realize we’re probably the most normal people there.

    BTW, Sarah was quite funny and gracious. Her accent did perplex me a bit. I’ve known other people from Portugal and I don’t remember any of them having a borderline Russian accent.

  2. I’ve avoided them because they often seem crammed with the usual suspects.

    That’s why I hung out mostly with the Baen Barflies. There are leftist fans of Ringo et al, but there aren’t a lot of leftist fans.

    Actually, it would be fun to see you on a panel replying to some idiot, “That is quite possibly the stupidest question I’ve ever heard. Please go play in traffic and stop bothering people with IQs above room temperature.”

    Pretty easy for me to say as I’m not trying to sell anything to the public. Maybe not the best approach for you. BTW, I did flog your new book to a few people. Hopefully it will get more exposure.