Copycat Acer Hybrid Day Late, Dollar Short
Bill Quick

Hands-on: Acer disses Ultrabooks while updating its budget PCs | Ars Technica

Acer says the Switch has four “modes”—a standard tablet mode, a laptop mode in which that tablet is attached to a keyboard dock via magnets, a “tent” mode similar to the one we’ve seen in Lenovo’s Yoga lineup and elsewhere, and a “display mode” where the screen faces you and the keyboard faces away from you. The tablet is 0.39 inches thick and weighs 1.29 pounds, while the dock is 0.44 inches thick and weighs 2.58 pounds. A second version of the dock that includes a mechanical hard drive adds another 0.15 inches and 0.07 pounds to the weight of the dock in exchange for a large external storage pool, though we don’t know how much extra it will cost.

Well, let’s see.  The “new” hybrid costs more, weighs more, and has no better specs than the Asus T100 I’ve owned since last October.

Yeah, I won’t be rushing right out to buy one.


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