Once Is Chance: Twice is Enemy Action
Bill Quick

Louis CK Complains of Baffling Common Core Questions; Matthew Yglesias Helpfully Voxsplains Why Simple Math Is Being Made More Complicated

Anyway, I’ve written about this before, several times.

They did the same thing with reading, and a generation lost its ability to read:

Ace probably thinks that both that and this are accidental.

Say – who do you suppose would benefit the most from having the majority of the populace both illiterate and innumerate?


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Once Is Chance: Twice is Enemy Action — 2 Comments

  1. The behavior of the government school system only looks incomprehensible if you still think the purpose of government schools is to teach children how to use their minds to think independently. On the assumption that the goal is to cripple the mind and produce adults who are cognitively dependent on authority figures (or the mob) the system is not only functional but brilliantly effective.

    But of course that assumption can’t be true because the authorities tell us it isn’t.