Another Mass Shooting In a “Gun Free Zone” (Free Fire Zone)
Bill Quick

Suspected gunman found dead in FedEx building shooting that left 6 injured, report says | Fox News

Georgia officials said the suspected gunman who opened fire Tuesday morning at a FedEx facility injuring six was found dead by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, reported.

The gunman was described as a package handler to the facility and he carried an assault rifle, knife and bullets strapped across his chest ‘like Rambo,’ according to a witness.

The usual suspects will try to blame this on the recently passed amendment to Georgia’s gun control laws, which liberalized where those legally permitted to carry firearms can do so.  However, this liberalization did not end employers right to exclude from their property legal gun carriers, and I’m quite sure that FedEx was therefore a gun-free zone.

If I’m wrong, somebody will no doubt tell me.  But I doubt that I am.

UPDATE:  I’m not:

(From a blastmail sent out by the Georgia Gun Owners Association)

While details continue to emerge, one picture should remain seared in the minds of those in the media and across the country — the “Gun Free Zone” signs posted right on the front of the FedEx building.

What a surprise.

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