Let’s Give Chef Mojo a Push Over the Top
Bill Quick

Karl Bock Cancer Fund by JeAnne Frey – GoFundMe

With Karl Bock in his second battle with his decidedly unique cancer and unable to continue working as an Executive Chef while undergoing chemotherapy, I’ve offered to step in and head up a fundraising effort. Karl (Chef Mojo to his friends) and his wife, Tamara Winograd, are up past their ears in dealing with The Beast, so those of you who know Karl & Tamara and not me, I’m just here as logistics secretary and fundraising brain-stormer. We’ve formed the Karl Bock Cancer Fund and have an account set up for donations so that’s where everything through this campaign site will go. We’ve got a few events & pitches in the works, and as you know, every bit helps!

Click the link.  You know what to do.


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