Saint Santorum Trying to Turn Himself Into The Huckster
Bill Quick

Rick Santorum: GOP must woo Sam’s Club, not Whole Foods, voters |

Former 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, who took his sweater-vest Image and Blue Collar message to victory in several primaries, is joining a growing chorus of Republicans who claim the party has forgotten about the poor and lower middle class with its push to help businesses and cut taxes.

“Do Republicans really care less about the person at the bottom of the ladder than Democrats do? To be painfully honest, I would have to say in some ways ?yes,”’ Santorum writes in his new book out Monday, Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works.

Goody.  Another “compassionate conservative socon.”  Those always work out so well for us.  They embody the worst of both sides: the desire to use the state to both impose their moral codes on everybody else, and at the same time enlarge socialist welfare programs in an effort to appear “populist.”

Run.  Run away from this loser tool of the Democrats.  (Who is financing him, anyway?)


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