Playing the Texas House-Hunting Game
Bill Quick

Blog: A version of ‘knockout game’ stirs outrage in Austin, Texas –

Police have identified the suspects and expect to make arrests in what is the first case of “smack cam” in Austin to draw wide attention. The game, however, is a little-known national trend that has been around for a while and that involves mostly black participants. In recent months, however, it has been overshadowed by the more violent knockout game that involves black-on-white violence. The goal there is to knock out a random white victim with a sucker punch.

The Wendy’s assault, to be sure, is hardly the first case of black thug violence in Austin — a hip college town, hi-tech Mecca, and the state’s capital.

Last October, Austin residents were stunned when hundreds of rampaging black youths converged by a shopping mall one evening. They walked atop parked cars, fought among themselves, and hurled rocks at scores of police officers arriving from other parts of the city. Police called it a full-blown riot but never figured out what set it off.

And at Austin’s recent South By Southwest music and film festival, a 21-year-old black rapper named Rashad Owens plowed his car through barricades and raced down a crowd — killing four festival goers and injuring 20. Owens, whose rap sheet included criminal mischief and drunken driving arrests, had been eluding a police officer attempting to stop him for an illegal turn and driving with his headlights off.

And in another incident at the festival, a 23-year old rapper named Tyler Gregory Okonma ( “Tyler, the Creator”) was charged with inciting a riot. He had exhorted his fans to push past security at a downtown club.  

Austin, a politically liberal Mecca in a red state, is governed by guilt-ridden liberal Democrats. They are proud of Austin’s diversity; the fact that it’s no longer a “whitopia” — as it was during the bad old days of Jim Crow, and before they turned it into a sanctuary city whose white population is slipping toward minority status. Segregation and racial injustice are long gone: good riddance. Unfortunately, the apparent emergence of a black thug culture may be a harbinger of things to come.

Hmm.  Maybe Austin actually isn’t where I’d like to live if I moved to Texas.  For one thing, I’d be carrying a gun all the time, and in a place like this, the odds of having to use it look like they might be fairly high.  Higher, at least, than more civilized Texas cities.


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  1. Another “national trend” that is “little-known”. Gee, I wonder why it is “little-known”???

    Could it be because the lying, gutless, pandering, whores that call themselves “journalists” are nothing more than enablers of these “little-known national trends”/