Imagine That: Israel Still Remembers the Holocaust
Bill Quick

The stated links between the Holocaust and Iran showed how more than six decades later, the mass murder of Jews during World War II is still a central part of Israel’s psyche. The nation was created just three years after the end of the war, and hundreds of thousands of dazed survivors made their way to Israel.

Six million Jews were killed by German Nazis and their collaborators in the Holocaust, wiping out a third of world Jewry. Today, fewer than 200,000 elderly survivors remain in Israel.

And just about everybody in Israel is related to a Jew slaughtered by the German Fascists, close kin to the Islamofascists.  Tell me this:  If it’s okay for Blacks in America to obsess over slavery today, even though it’s been dead in this country for almost 150 years, why does the hack who wrote this drivel feel it noteworthy to point out that “the mass murder of Jews is still a central part of Israel’s psyche?  Especially since the country is surrounded by a religion that regards Jews in almost exactly the same way the Nazis did?

Well, aside from the fact that the writer is a Jew-hating piece of shit, I mean.

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