The Complete I Love Lucy – $52.99!
Bill Quick

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series – $52.99 (Save $182.99)

It’s black and white.  Some of it seems corny.  Some seems dated.  Some seems touchingly naive.


It’s the funniest TV show ever made.  You’ll laugh harder at this than anything else that ever crossed your TV screen.  And at this price, it’s a steal.  Buy it for your grandkids, and show them what real comedy was all about.

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Bill Quick

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The Complete I Love Lucy – $52.99! — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve been watching a bunch with my wife. They were in reruns when I was a child, but I’ve seen pretty much every episode. Also, the subsequent Lucille Ball Show and the Lucy Show. I think that she was one of the funniest, most talented comics ever.

    Money is extra tight for me this month (medical stuff), but I might see if I can squeeze out of the money for this collection. Thanks for the heads up.