The Stupid Children of the Republican Party
Bill Quick

Pretending there’s a way out of our mess | Questions and Observations

I have sometimes thought about responding to people such as Charles Cooke and Jay Nordlinger at National Review when they tell us that the establishment GOP isn’t that bad, and they really deserve our support, and other rationalizations. They’re just fooling themselves. Responding does no good, however, because if someone can’t see reality at this point, it means they are willfully blind to it and can’t be argued with.

It’s just too painful for them to think about the essential reality: the establishment GOP is never going to change. They are never going to fight for limited government. They are never going to shrink government at all.

They are never going to willingly turn over the power they have amassed to people who do intend to do those things (i.e. Tea Party types and other limited government advocates). They are going to fight those people with every weapon at their disposal – including the dirty ones.

They are the first obstacle that must be removed before any reclamation of freedom from the federal government can be attained.

Many of us on the right figured that out a long time ago. The civility junkies, the excuse makers, the cocktail party attendees, and the “why can’t we all get along” wafflers can’t seem to see what’s right in front of their face. This fight is on. Choose your side.

Billy speaks unpalatable truth to power-sucking GOP-bots whose answer to everything is to vote more Republicans into office, on the off-chance that more Republicans will reduce the monstrous leviathan state that Republicans have worked so hard to build.  Vote for Mittens Romney and get Romneycare writ large.  Vote for George W. Bush and get futile war and vast new entitlements.  Vote for John McCain and get destructive and expensive scamnesty.  The people who advocate this strategy in the face of, well, reality and history, are suicidal fools who apparently enjoy being sadistically tormented by the collapse of their nation at the willing hands of their party – and themselves.

Then there is Drew:

We Are All In The “Let It Burn” Camp

I know there are people who think if you vote for enough Republicans things will get better because, um, er, the Democrats are worse! A vote for more “mainstream” Republicans isn’t a vote against the “let it burn crowd” it’s a vote to control how much faster you want it to burn.

Until people realize that with the GOP as presently constituted stopping the increase in the rate of burning, let alone putting the fire out isn’t on the menu and nothing will change.

So don’t look at those of us who have washed our hands of this mess as the ones unwilling to stop the burning. We tried and were told to shut up. You guys who insist on voting for the GOP which will add more fuel to the fire are the ones who are grunting “fire good!”, not us.

Added: An enlightening but wrong view from a commenter.

Yeah, pretty much everything Drew said is childish bullshit.

Adults have to make the best of a bad situation. Adults have to muddle through and make least-bad decisions.

Children bitch and run away. Which is their right, as children.

Just don’t expect praise for your childish bullshit.

Posted by: An adult at April 24, 2014 11:07 AM (S6HUO)

My response:

Actually you have that exactly backwards.

Adults can tell children that things are bad for them (as conservatives are telling the GOP and the country that out of control spending will lead to disaster) but children won’t listen.

Sometimes children will only learn by example and doing. In this case you will spend you way into oblivion by insisting that spending more but not as much as Democrats is an actual solution.

You will learn but like a child touching a hot stove after being told not to, you will have to be burned first.

This is the best response yet I’ve seen to the “vote Republican, that will fix everything” crowd.

In fact, voting Republican has fixed nothing and has only made things worse.  Republicans who ignore this, and who therefore ignore the real barrier to restoring liberty and fiscal sanity to America are like clueless, willful children who are unable to learn without experiencing severe pain in response to their childish beliefs.

And that pain is coming, never doubt it.  “Our” GOP, faced with a debt that more than doubled in less than six years,  and the transformation of America into a regulatory and security state authoritarian tyranny, is only able to respond with demands for a suicidal scamnesty for illegal aliens and a collapse in resolve to repeal Obamacare, while waging all-out war on liberty-minded conservatives it regards as more dangerous than its Ruling Party partners, the Democrats.

To support these people in any way is to behave as a child.  A stupid, ignorant, suicidal child.


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