And What, Exactly, Will We Do About It?
Bill Quick

Jeb Bush cheers Canada-styled ‘express entry’ immigration reform |

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush isn’t backing away from his push for comprehensive immigration reform, taking to Twitter to cheer a super-fast new system in Canada that matches jobs to the skills of immigrants.

Anytime the paladins of the Gentry GOP – like Speaker Boehner and First Gentry Family Scion Jebster – start singing in chorus from the same page, it is time to take a hard look at what is going on.

And as I’ve been saying of late, I think they are preparing the battle space to pass scamnesty via the House Democrats plus a small group of very safe-seat Republicans.  This gets the pressure from their big money supporters off their backs, allows “conservative” Republicans to holler “we didn’t vote for it, Boehner betrayed us,” and probably sends Boehner to the showers and a lucrative post-congressional career.  Jeb is involved because he’s not running in 2016 – so he’ll push scamnesty to take the pressure off Marco Rubio, who will be the Gentry’s designated hitter in 2016.


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