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Michael Grimm expected to be indicted – John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman –

The timing of the expected Grimm indictment also couldn’t be worse for Republicans. The filing deadline for that race has closed, meaning GOP leadership could be stuck with him on the ballot come Election Day.

Lynch, who was appointed to her office by President Barack Obama in May 2010, oversees federal cases in Brooklyn, Queens, eastern Long Island and Grimm’s home district of Staten Island.

The expected indictment of Grimm is a major step for the Justice Department, which has not been as active in pursuing corruption cases involving sitting federal lawmakers since the debacle surrounding the late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).

Stevens was indicted shortly before the 2008 elections and was later convicted on charges that he failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper gifts, including a home renovation.

But the conviction was later voided after it was found that federal prosecutors withheld information from Stevens’s defense team. The scandal badly damaged the reputation of DOJ’s Public Integrity unit, which had built an impressive résumé prosecuting corrupt congressmen and senators.

Well, I’m sure the Obama DOJ under Holder would never allow politics to influence their decisions.


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  1. Yah, I was thinking much the same when I saw this news earlier. The timing is just so conveeeenient…

    On a related topic, has the Public Integrity Group ever gone after a Dem politician and then been found to have concealed evidence, or brought indictments based on nothing more than unsupported hearsay, or timed charges or indictments or press releases very conveeeeniently? I couldn’t find any, but I didn’t have anything better than Google to hunt with.