Warbound: The Progtard Assault on Larry Correia
Bill Quick

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Bias and Motivation: In this business, most writers who are conservative, republican, libertarian, or devoutly religious have needed to keep their head down so as to not rock the boat and damage their careers. This damage comes from two directions, the publishing industry which is based in Manhattan and which is uniformly left wing, which will hurt careers out of spite, and also from the small, but extremely vocal left wing fans who swoop in to crush all dissent. I like to call them the Social Justice Warriors.

If right wing authors share their opinions, they will be openly chastised and attacked by very vocal, very angry people. Any deviation from the approved narrative is met with scorn, mockery, character assassination, and because the author doesn’t want to damage his career, he will usually fall back into line and shut his mouth. Basically if you step out, they form an angry mob and attack you until you roll over and apologize for something that shouldn’t be apologized for. Once you’re apologizing for your principles, they own you. They really don’t know what to do about people like me.

When I was young and stupid and just starting to get published in respectable SF magazines, I lusted after a bonafide full membership in the Science Fiction Writers of America.  It seemed to me verifiable proof that I had achieved my dream of becoming a professional SF writer.

Fifteen years later, I resigned from SFWA for the second time, and never looked back.  The organization is at least as nasty, stifling, and bigoted (for the most part – there are still honorable exceptions like John Scalzi) as Larry says it is, and I’ve never regretted my decision to have nothing more to do with it.

Fast forward to today.  My own novel, Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster, is certainly no paean to progressive thought or tender sensibilities, so much so that I understood I would not be able to publish it in the form I wanted with any NYC house, and so I did not take it to market there.

Will leaving NYC lefty publishing behind cause me any more remorse than leaving the equally progressive SFWA mindset did? Maybe not. LIGHTNING FALL has already made me more money than all but five of my 28 published books, and it is still selling.

Larry, of course, is a much more popular writer than I am, and he’s with a house that doesn’t give a damn what sort of ideology he works with in his books, if any. Baen Books is, and has been, a gem that way, and I hope one of these days to do a few books with them.

At any rate, as is often the case, the progtards sniveling at his heels right now will likely not have much luck. He doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about their shibboleths, and he’s big enough not to have to give a damn. More power to him. They’ve bitten off way more than they can chew.

Which is why I’m going to buy a Supporting Membership to Worldcon ($40 – I can’t afford to fly to London unless something amazing happens with LIGHTNING FALL) just so I can vote for Larry’s book. I’ve read it, and I like the Grimnoir Chronicles quite a bit better than the Wheel of Time series, which of latter days has become a sort of zombie series lurching along forever.

Now pass the popcorn. I love the sight of blood on the walls.

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