Boehner’s Going For His Thirty Bags of Boodle
Bill Quick

‘Ooooh, This Is Too Hard…’ Boehner Lays It on Thick Mocking GOP Colleagues | Mediaite

John Boehner is most likely not well-known for his impressions. His name? Yes. Well, he showed a different side of himself altogether at the Middletown Rotary Club Thursday when he adapted a very whiny impression of his Republican colleagues in Congress.

Boehner was talking about how he wants to get immigration reform done in Congress soon, but it’s not happening because of some Republican obstinance. This is how Boehner described the situation: “But here’s the attitude. ‘Ooooh, don’t make me do this! Ooooh, this is too hard!””

I’d say don’t quit your day job, but if he keeps mocking his Republican colleagues like that, he may not get to make the choice for himself this year.

I think Boehner has already made up his mind.  He’s going to cobble together a majority of mostly Democrats and a few Republicans in extremely safe seats, and use that to ram scamnesty down the base’s throat.  Then he’s going to retire to a bunch of highly-paid sinecures which have no doubt been promised to him already for doing so.

I also don’t think he’s kidding when he says he plans to get it done this summer,  before the election.  He’s afraid that if he waits until afterwards, there won’t be a Democrat majority in the Senate waiting to rubber-stamp whatever he sends them, even if they have to destroy the filibuster on legislation to do it.


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