The New Slavery The Democrats Like About As Well As They Did the Old Slavery
Bill Quick

Chicago Public Schools Now Phoning Home to Make Sure Kids Are Signed Up for Welfare

So many in our society are pushing more people to sign up for food stamps and are placing less importance on the need to create jobs. Yet, how can anyone ever claim our nation is in a “recovery” when 47 million Americans depend on the government to feed them?
The goal of good government is to get people off welfare, not onto it. Staying permanently enrolled in these programs – not just for temporary assistance - puts a huge strain on the economy that our nation is simply not equipped to handle.
Rahmbo got the memo.  Hell, Rahmbo wrote the memo.  Create as many new welfare slaves as possible down on the Democrat ethnic plantations.


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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


The New Slavery The Democrats Like About As Well As They Did the Old Slavery — 1 Comment

  1. “puts a huge strain on the economy that our nation is simply not equipped to handle.”

    This is the very essence of Cloward-Piven. You have to be ignorant of history to not know what’s going on.