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Jeb Bush announces: I’m officially thinking of running for president « Hot Air

Maybe our 2016 forecasting is all wrong. Maybe, instead of trying to figure out who the nominee will be, we should skip ahead to the part where Jeb is the nominee and a disgruntled Rand Paul is forced to decide whether it’s time to go third-party. Normally I’d call that a kamikaze mission destined to hand the White House to Hillary.

But if we end up nominating three different people from the same nuclear family in less than 25 years, maybe a kamikaze action is what’s called for.

It’s nice to see Allahpundit at least tiptoe slightly closer to my analysis of the GOP, but he’s missing something here:  Ever since Reagan, every candidate the GOP has nominated has been from the same ideological wing of the party – political clones, “twin brothers from the same family” – every one of them.   And out of that gang of “electable moderates,” the GOP has managed to win the popular vote for the Presidency exactly once.  And by a whisker even then.

If you call putting the GOP faction of the Ruling Party out of its misery a “kamikaze action,” I still would differ, though.  I’d call it an act of mercy.


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