I Think I’ll Just Stick With “Hey, You!”
Bill Quick

Old English names making a comeback due to ‘Game of Thrones effect’ | Mail Online

They may sound more like characters in a historical drama than our next generation of children.

But Millicent, Elvina and Alfred, along with other Olde English names, are making a comeback – with many parents inspired by fantasy television series Game of Thrones.

Good lord.  It was bad enough when dazed hippies were naming their kids after Tolkein characters from Lord of the Rings.  Now this?

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  1. Not exactly on point, but amusing: I read an interview with Moon Unit Zappa many years ago. When asked how she felt about her name, she said her parents told it had been a toss-up between that and Motorhead, so really, she thinks she came out of it pretty well.