I Have Zero Tolerance For Idiots Like This Judge
Bill Quick

Judge Decides Household Tools are Assault Weapons

Only a liberal would bring pliers to a gunfight.

That’s effectively what happened when U.S. District Judge Robert Dow Jr. dismissed a complaint filed on behalf of a Chicago teacher who was suspended for bringing a household toolbox to class for a lesson about tools.

In rejecting the complaint, the judge said officials at Washington Irving Elementary School correctly defined the tools as “weapons.”

Chicago judge?  Sure.  Because the Chicago legal system has criminal violence entirely under control, except for the pliers-wielding teachers.


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I Have Zero Tolerance For Idiots Like This Judge — 3 Comments

  1. Regarding the post title: Are you kidding me? It’s about damn time the *teachers* got charged. Let the unions stew on this for a bit. Let this teacher go to jail briefly, and then watch how fast the sniveling attitude that anything that could make some liberal wet their pants is a weapon changes.