All the Porn You Can Eat
Bill Quick

Yes, China employs censors to watch nothing but porn

I’d bet this would become insanely boring in a surprisongly short period of time.

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Bill Quick

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All the Porn You Can Eat — 1 Comment

  1. You might be right, but I’d be willing to put it to the test. And get paid for it? It’s, like, a dream job.

    About ten years ago I was this close to being paid to look at porn. I was doing some consulting for a small company which, among other things, did something with porn sites, setting up links between pages and between affiliated sites and such. A couple times they had me help figure out screwy problems with the code that ran the sites. I saw about a year’s worth of porn on that gig. Alas, it wasn’t at all appealing — “Salute to Silicone” does nothing for me.