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Kids in Central Park Mugging Spree Face Assault Charges, Police Say – Carnegie Hill – New York

The suspects — aged 12, 13, 14 and 16 — were expected to be arraigned on charges of robbery, assault and attempted assault, an NYPD spokesman said.

They are suspected of starting their spree at 5:15 a.m. Monday near 95th Street and Fifth Avenue, where they approached a 31-year-old man, menaced him with a stick, then punched him in the face when he refused to hand over his cash, police said.

Fifteen minutes later, the kids stole an iPhone and an iPod from two female joggers, aged 46 and 48, near the reservoir at 96th Street, sources said.

Four of the suspects’ names were withheld because of their ages, but police did identify 16-year-old Angel Munoz. The group split up after the attacks, police said, yet officers were able to track down the 12-year-old, the 13-year-old and one of the 14-year-olds at 96th Street and Fifth Avenue shortly after the incidents.

I’m sure racism must somehow be involved here.  Oh, is there no wise Latina who could explain to me the racist error of my ways?


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