Game of Thrones and the Usual Idiots
Bill Quick

In Defense of Game of Thrones

I loathe phrases such as “if you’d read the book, you’d know X,” but in this instance, it appears that HBO may have done itself a disservice by filling what is, I believe, an inspiring and fascinating story with scenes and plot lines that turn off casual viewers. So while I take issue with Tracinski’s characterization of Game of Thrones, the fault may lie with those responsible for bringing it to televisions nationwide.

Well, you know, except for the fact that George Martin has had a hand in every aspect of the show from the beginning, is one of the show’s producers, and one of its scriptwriters as well.  (Although George is a writer/producer, not a producer/producer:  But you’d have to know a bit about how TV shows are made, and credited, to understand that one).

That said, I read Tracinski’s compendium of socon cheap shots the author refers to here, and all I could think, besides what an obvious ass he is, is that if he hates the show that much, he shouldn’t watch it.

OTOH, judging by his writing on it, he hasn’t watched it.

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Game of Thrones and the Usual Idiots — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting – and, once you get into it, if you do, deeply engrossing – series, Game Of Thrones is. Much akin to other alternative universe/reality series, such as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Rings grouping,, though, you do have to “get into” it more than a bit to appreciate the full effect. Based primarily on what I’ve seen in print and been told by others (I don’t watch much T.V., haven’t done for quite a few years, just not something I do very often), the HBO series appears to require much the same sort of commitment to get the effects – the level of understanding – that the producers are trying for, and (apparently) are achieving.

    Personally, I’ve not yet worked all the way through the books – but I will, ultimately. Took me a few years to get through the Rings Trilogy, but I did get there after quite a bit. No hurry, really – they’re pretty thick books, and I’m not a speed-reader by any means.

    Since, although he claims to have “…spent some mostly unpleasant hours on YouTube figuring out what all the fuss is about.”, he’s not been actually “into it” – insofar as actually understanding “what the fuss is about” – Mr. Tracinski wasn’t actually watching; rather, he was apparently projecting his own, pre-established views upon what was going on during those “mostly unpleasant hours”.

    His commentary, therefore, may have some modest prurient value to himself, but does not appear to offer anything of value to anyone else, whether devotees of the T.V. series (as well as, presumably, the books) or merely “casual viewers”. Why pay any particular attention to the “oh, this is just too, too sick!!” moanings of someone who pretty clearly was predisposed to dislike what he saw, and, although his eyes were – presumably – open and more-or-less focused on the actual goings-on, his “perception” remained (limited, as it was, by his own pre-judgment) even shallower than a sidewalk puddle on a sunny day?

    He may have been “watching”, but he didn’t SEE anything except his own superficial views. Result: A waste of time – his, in “watching” and then tippy-tapping out an utterly pointless hatchet-job, and anyone else’s who takes the time to read that hatchet-job hackery mostly or all the way through (I stalled out somewhere around the mid-point, I think – so much frothing at the keyboard, to so little point…).

    • JB, if you think I’m under pressure on writing the sequel to LIGHTNING FALL, imagine poor George’s plight: He’s got two more books in the series to go, he writes them LONG, and he takes a LONG TIME. And he’s gonna have to hustle in order to get the next one out before the show catches up with what he’s already written (and that time is coming soon).

      Although “plight” is relative, I suppose. George is a long time SF/F writer, and has been a screenwriter almost as long, which pays excellent money. But GoT has made him RICH. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

      • I quite understand – his writing is…the only appropriate word, I think, is DENSE! It’s intricate, complex and clearly requires serious time-expenditure – kinda like yours in that respect, actually – and, when read for the pure pleasure of fully understanding the tale as it unwinds (as I much prefer to do), takes a strong commitment to the reading, as well.

        That’s a big part of the reason I have not sought to view the HBO series as yet: 1) I didn’t want to be disappointed (as I have been, in the past, with other TV series allegedly made from books I liked a lot), and 2) I much prefer, when possible, to savor a good, strong, long-term tale – and that’s very tough to do with TV; it’s very transitory, even when well- and thoroughly-written, acted and produced.

        The kind of stuff that makes me pause, now and again, to think, “Damn! If I could only write half that well!…”

        Good to know he’s still got two more books coming in the series.

        Now – about that American Caesar thing of yours -

        Not to put excessive pressure on you, or anything, but – I’m already working my way through the Dreams series for the second time, after my first go-round with Lightning Fall, after which will come the second time through on that

        Faster, Bill, faster!!!

        Anything I can do to help out, just ask – so long as it’s helping to Speed The Plow, so to speak.

          • Good enough – I’m working on trying for maybe one more decent contract design job, but I’m getting well-enough organized now that I can start seriously concentrating more and more on other stuff, as well.

            I’ll PM you in a day or so, with a bit more detail on what I can offer you…;-)

            (*If I manage just about one more good’un, six months or maybe a bit more, I think it may put me “over the top” just enough economics-wise so I can finally transition out of the “on the road again” dealie I’ve been doing for dogs’-years for other people, and spend my time on my own “stuff” – it’s lookin’ good, so far – might even manage the transition without any more “outside” work, don’t quite know yet…)

  2. I read just the first volume. It was very good, but I won’t start the second until the series is complete. GRRM isn’t exactly a spring chicken, and this wouldn’t be the first time that I was reading a series and the author died before finishing it.

    Haven’t seen any of the HBO series except the last minute or two of the first season, where Dragon-girl comes out of the ashes of the bonfire. I’ll admit it was a cool scene. (Assuming it was filmed in a real field with the actors pretty much as shown, rather than dummied up with studio magic, I’m idly curious whether the actress was thinking “Awesome! I’m standing here naked and fifty people are bowing to me!” or “Oh my god, I’m naked in front of fifty people!”)