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CHAPEL HILL: UNC whistle-blower resigns after meeting with chancellor | UNC scandal |

— Mary Willingham, a former learning specialist for athletes who exposed a long-standing academic fraud scandal at UNC-Chapel Hill, is resigning at the end of the semester.

Willingham made the decision after an hourlong, closed-door meeting with UNC Chancellor Carol Folt on Monday. Willingham has been an adviser and instructor since leaving the athletes’ tutoring program four years ago.

She confirmed her resignation in a short email to The News & Observer but said she could not provide details until she posts grades for her students and talks to her attorneys and the university’s human resources staff. In an interview last week, she said she had been weighing leaving the university after the semester ended.

Wow.  How unexpected.  Whistleblowers who expose fraud and corruption in high places should always expect to be treated well, and praised and rewarded for their efforts to improve the world around them.



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  1. Yes, indeedy…took ‘em awhile, several years in fact, but the alumni “athletic boosters” – and the coaches – and the fans – and, in their own li’l way, the media – finally poked and prodded and jabbed (mostly, though not exclusively, through the “good offices” of the nominally-academic administration) sufficiently that they wore her down, and got her to finally accept that it wasn’t going to get better, ever, it was only going to get worse, until, ultimately, it would make her question her own worth, her own values, maybe even her own sanity.

    They were already starting to roll up the “big guns”, bringing in the “study experts”, casting doubt on her “interpretations” of her years of keeping records on student-athletes in her former tutoring courses, disparaging her “characterizations” of many of her former football- and basketball-player students’ “alleged” inability to function academically at even a low-end high school level.

    So…time to go – before the investigation perhaps gets really intense, and the real pressure sets in…and gets worse – and worse – and worse still…

    The oft-expressed Belief: That one’s willingness to stand up, and “tell The Truth, and shame the Devil” will, in the end, be accepted – and honored – as the Right Thing To Do.

    The ground-truth Reality: Even “principled” institutions of education – perhaps, in some ways, especially such institutions – don’t want to hear from “Truth-Tellers”…not if it upsets any institutional applecarts, however deservedly. They just want to keep on doing what “works” – what doesn’t roil the surface of long-standing, mostly-smoothly-flowing traditions and systems and this-is-how-we-look-good stuff – what keeps the teams growing and going, and keeps that support by alumni and other fans flowing and glowing…

    She had the audacity to cause a hiccup in the going and flowing. She had to be expelled, somehow…

    Now – the ripples and the bubbles can flatten out…and the smooth flow can return, and continue…

    Best of Academic Luck, Mary – write if you find work…