Et Tu, Boehner?
Bill Quick

John Boehner’s double-speak rattles House immigration foes |

Of course, a large majority of House Republicans would oppose either of those maneuvers, and even attempting them would be political suicide for Boehner. He simply could not do that and remain speaker of the House.

“For anything to get done, Boehner’s going to have to do an end run around the House Republican conference,” says a GOP House aide. “He can only do that as some kind of legacy play, losing the speakership. It would absolutely torch — just set fire to the conference.”

By some reckonings, there are perhaps 20 to 30 House Republicans (out of 232) who support doing anything of significance on immigration reform. But Boehner would clearly like to take some sort of action. Well aware of the conflict between his own wishes and that of the GOP rank-and-file, the speaker has been extraordinarily guarded about his intentions.

My guess is that Boehner is already bought and paid for, and will cheerfully go down in flames after passing Scamnesty, upon which he will retire for a cushy payoff job (or several board positions) from major tech companies, as well as lots of highly-paid speaking gigs where he will explain how he bravely faced down the forces of darkness in his own party.

Here’s a clue for the GOP – you know, you don’t have to wait for him to screw you before you kick him out of the Speakership.  You could do it tomorrow if you wanted to.


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