Where Have I Seen This Before?
Bill Quick

Finally, Someone Acts Like An Adult: District Attorney Drops Charges Against Bullied Teen Who Recorded His Tormentors | Techdirt

South Fayette School in Pennsylvania, along with a complicit criminal justice system, recently made headlines with its groundbreaking anti-bullying program, which apparently deters bullying by punishing bullied students.

It’s the approved Muslim model:  Deter rape by punishing those who were raped.

“No one in our office who is authorized to give advice on wiretap issues or school conduct issues was ever contacted in this matter. We have made multiple attempts to contact the officer who wrote the citation and (the) results have been unsuccessful,” Manko said in a written statement. “We do not believe this behavior rises to the level of a citation.”

Odd that a police officer wouldn’t talk to a district attorney. Unless, of course, a little bit of hindsight made him realize his every move fell between vindictive and buffoonish.

Or illegality under the color of law.  Keep this incident in mind the next time you feel like waxing rhapsodic about how the cops and judges would never wilfully seek to punish the innocent.

Oh, hell.  What am I saying?  Those who think cops can do no wrong, that the law is unimpeachable, will never get it until they find themselves in a similar situation.  And maybe not even then.


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Where Have I Seen This Before? — 2 Comments

  1. “We have made multiple attempts to contact the officer who wrote the citation and (the) results have been unsuccessful,” Manko said in a written statement.”

    Sure, I guess they do not know where the officer works or lives. Anyone interested could find him. How about contacting his superior and asking for his appearance before the district attorney.

    Clowns everywhere.

  2. The bedrock of privacy is supposedly not being able to record what someone is saying to you, unless you have his specific permission. This, when the state says it is ok to track your car, cellphone, who you talked to, and where you are through public webcams.

    Why? Because public corruption depends on politicians being safe from being recorded. Their scams would quickly fall apart if every request for a bribe or making a threat might be legally recorded. They don’t really care about private conversations, or what the bullies said. But, their first reaction is to throw the bum in jail for wiretapping! They must always defend the politician’s right to privately tell you what you are going to do.

    Wiretapping is recording third parties without the consent of any of them. Our politicians do this all the time, through publicly or secretly obtained warrants, before or after the fact.