Whoops, It’s Another Huge Mystery
Bill Quick

Manhunt is detailed as Grandview man is charged in area highway shootings | Wichita Eagle

Like pieces of a puzzle, Kansas City police used tips about an erratic driver, a fingerprint from a plastic bag of shell casings and a bullet from a house that was shot last year to link Mohammed Whitaker, 27, to a series of recent highway shootings.

Jackson County prosecutors on Friday announced 18 felony charges against Whitaker involving nine separate shootings. Two of the charges relate to cases in which victims were wounded. In each case, police recovered, tested and matched spent .380-caliber bullets.

Whitaker remained in jail Friday in lieu of a $1 million cash-only bond. While being transferred between the police jail and the county jail, Whitaker shook his head, no, when asked by a Star reporter whether he committed the shootings, which had terrorized motorists and captured national attention.

Authorities at Friday’s news conference said they knew of no motive, they believe Whitaker acted alone and that he had little criminal record.

What on earth might have possibly motivated poor Mohammed to do these terrible acts of terrorism?

My guess is that he was protesting the evil white conservative racism against President Obama.

I mean, what else could it be?


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Whoops, It’s Another Huge Mystery — 3 Comments

  1. Yet another victim of Poor Toilet Training, possibly exacerbated by too much sugar…or salt…or peer pressure…or Glowball Wormering…or maybe just by being a grinning idiot named for a Mooselimb baby-rapin’ “prophet”…

    We’ll probably never know for sure, right?

  2. It’s a good thing we don’t have any Islamic terrorism going on in this country. On top of the shootings and attempted bombings by Mohammedans that we already have, it would just be too much to handle.