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Cruise company’s marquee ship to be based in China, not Bayonne |

Bon voyage Quantum! We hardly knew ye.

The Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship “Quantum of the Seas” will be making a pit stop at  the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne in November, but the ultimate home of the Royal Caribbean Cruises’ marquee ship will be in China, the president of the cruise line announced last week. 

Odd.  The only difference I can see between New Jersey’s governance and China’s is that in China the Commies occasionally hang one of the corruptocrats.


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  1. Whereas, in NJ, they give ‘em a pat or two on the back, another round of good ol’ Sweet, Greasy Graft and maybe even a run at the Big White House on Penn Ave…

    Yet another case where China seems to be pulling ahead of The (Formerly) Greatest Nation On Earth.