The GOP Oligarchy and the Resurrection of Marco Rubio
Bill Quick

Marco Rubio’s long, hard fall in New Hampshire |

But no candidate has experienced a change in fortune as dramatic as Sen. Marco Rubio. A year ago, he was at the top of the poll (tied with Rand Paul) with 15 percent of the vote. Today, he is in 10th place with two percent — behind, in ascending order, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and Rand Paul.

It’s a huge fall. One year ago, Rubio was taking the leading role in crafting a comprehensive immigration reform bill, the Gang of Eight proposal, that would pass the Senate over two-to-one Republican opposition in June 2013. (Ayotte voted for the bill, while Paul and Cruz voted against it.) Since then, Rubio has paid dearly, in political terms. But it’s still very early, months before even the 2014 midterms, and there is talk among Republican establishment types of re-considering Rubio, since many are now wary of Christie’s chances and unsure of whether Bush will run. Nevertheless, the new Granite State survey shows Rubio will have a long way to go.

York, as is his establishmentarian stance of late, seems sad that Rubio foundered on scamnesty, but at the same time hopeful that his political hopes might be salvaged by “Republican establishment types re-considering Rubio…”

Think about that for a moment.  The holy kiss of the Gentry GOP – enough all by itself to bring a candidate hated by the base to the GOP nomination for President?

That’s not a political party.  It’s an oligarchical tyranny.


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