No Mas! No Compromise on Scamnesty!
Bill Quick

The True Opponents of Immigration Reform | National Review Online

Close the border. Allow entry only to those who have legal permission. Ensure that employers hire only those foreign nationals who have valid green cards. Permit those who have resided here for a while, who are without criminal records and are employed, to apply inside the U.S. for either a pathway to citizenship or legal residence.

Well, the internal contradicitons, nay, the cognitive dissonance of this position, renders it ridiculous.

On the one hand, ensure that employers only hire foreign nationals with valid green cards.

On the other, permit those who have resided here illegally for a while, and who are illegally employed (they can’t, by definition, have valid green cards in that situation) with no criminal records – except that their ve

Too many special interests have profited from the present mess, which is illiberal and reactionary to the core — involving a perfect storm of inexpensive labor, ethnic-identity chauvinism, political cynicism, selective enforcement of the law, and de facto discrimination against immigrants who play by the rules.

Here’s the bottom line:  The left views the enfranchisement of 11-20 million illegal aliens as guaranteeing it permanent electoral victory in its long war against the right.  And the left may be right about that.

As long as that is the case, those opposed to seeing a permanent left-wing victory in America have absolutely no incentive to legalize any of them.  We may not be able to induce most of them to leave, but we damned well can try to keep them from becoming voting American citizens.


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