If Cliven Bundy Were Black, The BLM Would Never Have Hassled Him In the First Place
Bill Quick

“What if Bundy Ranch Were Owned by a Bunch of Black People?”

That reflects just how deeply liberal and left-wing writers don’t understand, or care, that what matters to us is what is being fought for, not the skin color of the people doing the fighting.

They are the ones obsessed with race, not us.

So to the extent the Bundy Ranch people deserve our backing (a decision, again, I have not resolved), such backing would be just as strong — if not stronger — if “Bundy Ranch belonged to a bunch of black people.”

That wasn’t my first thought when I read the questions.  My immediate reaction was to think that the Obama administration would never, ever do to black ranchers what they did to Cliven Bundy.

I mean, imagine that famous picture of the BLM siccing dogs on protesters – but change their skin color to black.  You think that’s gonna happen?

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