Wendy Davis Caught With Hand In the Cookie Jar?
Bill Quick

Inquiry checks Davis’ work for toll group » Standard-Times

AUSTIN — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ legal work for a taxpayer-funded tollway agency is part of a larger FBI-led investigation into the tollway group, according to a published report Friday.

The Dallas Morning News used a freedom of information request to learn of the investigation, and then confirmed it with Elizabeth Winn, an assistant Travis County attorney. The FBI hasn’t responded to the newspaper’s request for comment.

The investigation stems from a conflict of interest complaint filed in 2012 by former state Rep. Mark Shelton, a Republican who ran against Davis for her Fort Worth state senate seat. In the complaint, Shelton says Davis was voting on toll legislation while her firm represented North Texas Tollway Authority.

Investigators for the Public Integrity Unit, which is housed in the Travis County district attorney’s office, reviewed Shelton’s complaint last year but closed the case without taking any action.

When the newspaper filed a request for documents used in that investigation, however, prosecutors cited an ongoing federal investigation among the reasons the documents couldn’t be released. The newspaper said it wasn’t clear if Davis’ legal work for the tollway authority is the focus or only part of the materials collected into the tollway agency’s operations.

Should be interesting watching the Texas Dems try to fend this one off.  Now that the spotlight is on it, it will make it all the harder for the Obama FBI to sweep it under a rug.


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