Apple Asked For It, Going To Get It – Good And Hard!
Bill Quick

Steven Banks, Reporting for Duty by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 18 April 2014

Does Banks intend to move HRA back to its former role as ATM machine to non-working unwed mothers, dispensing taxpayer dollars with little asked in return? His inaugural appearance as commissioner left the answer to that question ambiguous, at best. (When asked in a subsequent radio interview if he opposed work as a condition for welfare, Banks ducked the question.)

He ducked it because that is exactly what he intends to do.  So keep in mind, New Yorkers: Anything you subsidize (pay for) you get more of.  Which means you have a huge increase in unwed mothers, homelessness, drunks and drug addicts, and all the rest of the societal refuse so beloved of progressive spenders of your money to look forward to.  Enjoy!


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